Saturday, July 19, 2014

Scotia Bank Telemarketers

The latest telemarketer bullshit has come to me courtesy of Scotia Bank. For the last 4 weeks I have been getting a call or more a week from them coming from  their telemarketers at 1-888-764-1733.

Here is a copy of the email I sent Scotia Bank.

My name is Flint.
I do not have a bank account with your company. I do not have a credit card with your company. I do have a car loan through you, and am starting to regret it.
I work grave yard shifts and lately have been getting woken up at least once a week by calls from 1-888-764-1733. They claim to be calling on behalf of Scotia Bank to tell me I am pre-approved for a credit card. Up until now I have been polite with the telemarketers and told them a) I am not interested and b) take me off your list (stop calling me). But I still get calls. 
If you want to waste money sending me mail I will throw in the garbage that is up to you. I do NOT want to be called. One of the main reasons I left my last bank is this sort of BS. At least they had the excuse that I actually had a bank account with them. All I have with you is a car loan, and thanks to this latest BS I will have to see if I can switch it to my usual bank somehow. They don’t harass me with these kind of stupid calls.
So, take me off of whatever call lists Scotia Bank has. I am sick of the harassment and about ready to blog about it.
My phone number is 1-***-***-****.  Take it out of your call database.

I hope you can appreciate the effort it took not to be profane in this email. 

As you can tell by the above it is extra annoying because of my work and sleep hours. I have an elderly parent so I do not want to shut my phone off. Hell, I shouldn't HAVE to shut my phone off not to be annoyed by assholes like this. The first time they call, fine, it happens. After that, after they have been told I am not interested take me off the list, they are just annoying fucktards and get treated as such.

What I found kind of ironic is that while Scotia Bank will farm out my name and number to their telemarketers I could not call their 1-800 number and speak to a person and complain because I don't have a bank account number or credit card number to put in. 


Luckily, I know how to block calls on my phone and they are going on the block list.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

What the ... head case?!?!?

According to some media reports Paul Bernardo may be getting married.

Seriously? I know I shouldn't be surprised, you hear about these whack jobs that are attracted to murders and their ilk. But I am surprised.

It makes you wonder what the mental problems are this 30 year old University graduate has. She couldn't find someone she is attracted to outside of the a convicted murderer and rapist?

Oh wait, she believes he is innocent. Like I said, whack job. It takes all kinds of crazy to make the world go around and this bitch is definitely on the crazy train.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

On-Star Fucktardery

When I bought my car about a year and a half ago it came with ON-star. I don't have many regrets inj life but activating On-Star is one of them.

While the service is a great idea it just wasn't for me. I have my own phone that hooks up via bluetooth so I didn't need their phone service. I can find my own way around so I didn't need any help in that respect. It just didn't make sense to pay $45.89 a month for a service I didn't use or need. So in April of this year I cancelled the service. That is when the fucktardery began.

In early April of 2013 I called On Star's 1-888 number. I talked with someone going by the name Hazel. She went through their usual spiel when someone is cancelling. I stuck to my guns and cancelled. Unfortunately, that wasn't the end of it.

The next month I found another charge for On-Star on my credit card. I immediately called them to find out what the hell was going on. This time it was someone going by the name Brenda. according to her I did call in April to cancel their service. Hazel made note of it but never actually cancelled it. Everything was logged but nothing done. Everything was going to be cancelled at that point and I would be reimbursed.

Around June 20th I got a letter from On-Star telling me I no longer had On-Star and pitching for me to reactivate.

This brings us to Today, July 1st. I check my credit card bill and see ... a charge for On-Star. I call them up and get someone by the name of Antoine. After hearing the problem he transfers me to Bernadette in Billing. I get to repeat everything to her and then get stuck on hold for 22 minutes. Now, I worked this kind of job before. You NEVER leave a customer on hold more than a couple of minutes before checking back with them and letting them know you are still looking into things. I called them up on my cell phone after they had me on hold for 15 minutes. Informed the person what was going on and they hung up on me.

Bernadette finally got back to me, after 22 minutes on hold. She let me know that a dispute was set up and gave me a confirmation number. It will be 7-10 days before I hear anything back. I made sure she put down that I expect to be reimbursed for the last 3 months.

What do I really expect? A charge to appear on my credit card on July 16th for On-Star. Luckily, I have already advised my bank of the BS I have been going through and if a charge appears they will go after On-Star for me. I was going to deny On-Star access but IF they actually reimburse me the money I am owed they will credit it to my card.

What a bunch of fucktardery.

I would NEVER advise anyone to use On-Star. If they are this incompetent when it comes to cancellation god help you if you really need help.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fun With Telemarketers 2

I had a call from 1-514-484-7140 a few minutes ago. Of course, it was a telemarketer. The old "Your credit card is ok but we can help you with it." ploy. Hit 1 to talk to an operator or 2 to not get called again.

As in the past, I started off with 2 just to prove it doesn't work. It didn't. According to the computer it was invalid. Of course it accepted 1 and sent me to an operator. As before the operator had an east-Indian accent.

He started his spiel from the minute the line opened.  "Hello. I can help you lower the rates on your credit card. We ..."

I cut him off with my old spiel "What bank are you with?"

"Oh sir, we are not a bank. We are a company that can help you lower your interest rate by at least 10%."

"Wow." I replied, deciding to take a different route. "That is fantastic."

"Yes it is sir. We can do this ..."

I cut him off again. "Can you lower it by more than that?"

"Oh it is possible sir. I would have to get your credit card information and then we can see how much it can be lowered."


"Yes sir. Can I have your information."

"Amazing that you claim to know my credit card information and can lower my rate when I don't own a credit card."

He hung up. :)


Saturday, May 31, 2014

It's official ... I'm a twit.

Ok, it is official. I am now a twit or is it a twat? I joined twitter to enter a contest to win P.K. Subban's game winning puck from a game versus Boston in the playoffs this year.

Since joining it and spamming that account with tweets (3) to better my chance to win I never logged back on. Until this morning. I have to say Twitter is pretty much everything I expected it to be. And taht isn't a good thing. ;)

As soon as I opened ythe program the fucktardery started. Ads and useless retweets. HockeyNightInCanada if I had wanted to see an ad for GreztkyHockeySchool I would have gone looking for it. I don't need to have it retweeted so I can see it.

CBC seems to retweet a lot of idiotic things. Dallas Eakins tweeted that he "Absolutely loves Mr. Cole" and CBC felt that piece of important news had to be retweeted. The world as we know it would end if CBC didn't let you know about Dallas Eakins love for Mr. Cole (A CBC hockey commentator.) Fucktards.

Then you have retweeting stuff from WaltDisneyStudiosCAN. I don't know what going to see Malificent has to do with football nor do I know why FIFA needs to retweet asking if I am going to see it.  As with the other sports related accounts I followed I did it to hear ABOUT THE SPORTS and not this idiocy of retweeted bullshit. Fucktards.

Then there are the ads that Twitter decides I need to see like Windows Canada. Or an add, not a retweet, for GretzkyHockeySchool.

You know, I have never claimed to have much of a life but I have enough of one that I don't need shit like Twitter to get through a day. To get reaffirmation that what I posted and said is good. To try and get things retweeted as much as I can ... will retweet yours if you retweet mine.

It reminds me of some of the stupider aspects of YouTube. People you don't know, and odds are would never care to know, messaging you saying nothing but "sub4sub". That is, if you subscribe to them they will subscribe to you. Even if you never look at their site again, or don't believe in anything they expound, sub4sub man. That way they can have as many subscribers as possible and somehow it will make them look important to the world. Kind of like the people on Facebook who collect friends so they can point to a list of hundreds or thousands of friends. Most of which they don't really know.

Pathetic and epic fucktardery.

I will pare the twitter list down to just a few to follow and give it a second chance. Then I will delete it next time I log on. Oops, sorry, seeing into the future. What can I say ... I am pretty sure that won't improve Twitter  for me.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Day of the Fucktards.

Holy shit. I have run in to more fucktards today, some almost literally, than I do most weeks.

Leaving the common daily fucktards aside there are 2 that stand out for their high degree of fucktardery.

The first one I encountered on my way back from the morning walk in the park with my dog. As I pulled onto my street and started to round a corner I ran into difficulty. The first difficulty being because someone had parked their van on the corner so I couldn't see much ahead and had to slowly/blindly go around. The second reason being that some stupid fucking jogger was ON THE ROAD coming around said van. This stupid twat was jogging down the road on the same fucking side as an EMPTY SIDEWALK. God forbid the fucktard actually be using the sidewalk.

Luckliy for her I was going slow because of the circumstances. If I had been doing the speed limit I would have nailed her and not in that fun way. My windows were down so I voiced my displeasure with her. "You fucking moron. Why the fuck aren't you using the sidewalk? I could have fucking killed you!" The fucktard kept her head down and kept jogging towards the car behind me who laid on their horn and scared the shit out of her. :)

The second one I ran into, once again almost literally, after the second walk in the park. I had stopped at the mall on the way home. On my way out the car in front of my stopped for the stop sign (no that isn't why they are a fucktard) realized they should have gone right instead of left to the stop and started backing up. They never checked their mirror and just started backing up right at me.

I laid on the horn and the driver gave me a really dirty look and (thankfully) hit their brakes. I shouted out my window "What the fuck do you think you doing? Try checking before backing up!" They did a sort of U-turn through a 4-way stop so they could back track to the liqour store.


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Shit Morons Say ... when mistaken.

"Isn't this where I get my tires changed?"

I was waiting to get my hair cut yesterday when a woman carrying a kid walked into the barber shop. she looked around and said "Isn't this where I get my tires changed?"

The barber never missed a beat. He shook his head and said "No. They are around the other side of the building. This is a barber shop."

"Oh. I guess I should go." was her reply.

The barber chuckled and said "If you need a haircut you can stay."

She left. We started laughing.

Another customer who was waiting said "That happen a lot?"

The barber said "A few times a week. You would never know there is a sign over the entrance saying this is a barber shop. Plus one on the door. Plus the sign for the tire shop telling you where it's entrance is."

The guy in the chair said "Ever mess with their heads?"

The barber said "I don't really have to. Hell, once a guy came in, saw me cutting hair and said 'Here are my  keys.' as if I was standing behind  desk and not cutting hair."

Damn. People can be stupid.