Friday, June 26, 2015


Tonight I watched "Kite". I had never heard of it before, or the anime that came before it.

It started off gory enough. I found out the impetus of the main character quickly enough. Samuel Jackson is in it!!!! Damn!

Sawa, the main character, is out for revenge. Someone killed her father, a cop, and mother. Jackson is her father's partner.

The film has a gritty look to it. Gangs running the streets. Lots of violence.

The acting so far is kind of shite. The action is waning. Damn she just ganked the fucker! Damn, a dildo gun! Ok. It just got a bit better.

The plot is kind of blah. She kills someone who will lead her to the one who killed her parents. Then SJ gives her a drug to make her forget everything. But she remembers ... something.

Meh ... it is hard to get into this movie. It is too jumpy. The fight scenes are pretty good though. It kind of helps make up for everything else. But not really enough.

God damn. Stun gun to the nuts!!! God damn!!!!

Yet I keep having to skip forward for some reason.

Ok, the skewer up the nose was great.

Too predictable.

Oh fuck it. Had to just stop watching this one.

I want my time back.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Shit People say ... when they think they are important.

Stop the presses!!! Stop the presses!!!! Bristol Palin announced to the world on her blog that she is pregnant ... again. And I really don't give a fuck. Ok, a little fuck (of annoyance)  after reading the following,

"I know this has been, and will be, a huge disappointment to my family, to my close friends, and to many of you. But please respect Tripp's and my privacy during this time. I do not want any lectures and I do not want any sympathy."

Bristol if you didn't want lectures or sympathy you wouldn't have said anything. All this blog post does is attract attention. Which is probably her real goal. When was the last time the media paid attention to her?

Her "announcement" reminds me of people who make a huge scene leaving Facebook, You Tube, or other Social Media. They make a huge scene with their good bye, suck in all the sympathy, and thrive on the negative as it gives credence to their "problems" that are making them leave. And of course they either only leave for a short time or never leave.

And what exactly is Bristol Palin famous for again? Oh yeah, like the Kardashians, NOTHING. She hasn't done anything of note. She hasn't achieved anything of note. She rode on the coat tails of her Mother's "celebrity" status, another media whore.

Yet US magazine features this story in their Celebrity Mom section. I miss the days when people were a celebrity for a reason. Sure you would get those who had their 15 minutes of fame, but the 15 minutes would usually end and they would fade away.

Oh yeah, and a special FUCK YOU to Facebook for forcing me to see trending shite like this.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

John Wick

Wacthing John Wick now. The plot seemed interesting. At the least I figured I could enjoy a mindless shoot'em up.

It started kind of slow. The death of the wife. Moving on from being a hitman.

God damn I love that Mustang!!!!!!! Good brakes too. ;)

Ok, hurt the dog and I hope you die a long fucking painful death. Fucker killed the dog. I am hoping Mr. Wick REALLY makes it painful before killing the piece of shit. Fuck.

Keannu is still pretty wooden as an actor. But part of it makes this role believable. Who wouldn't be distant or detached after what he went through.

I had to laugh when the Crime Boss called the chop shop owner.

"I heard you struck my son."

"Yes sir, I did."

"May I ask why?"

"He stole John Wick's car sir and ahhh killed his dog."

"Oh." Crime boss hangs up.

Conversation fucking over. :) Someone knows his son is going to die for being a fucking douchebag.

"It is not what you did, son that angers me so. It is who you did it to." Good line.

Yeah, the phone call made it worse.

"What did he say?"


"Task your crew."

"How many?"

"How many do you have?"

Ok, a blood bath is coming. :) A righteous one. :) The boogeyman is coming for you! Kind of like Steven Seagal in "Hard To Kill" but ... better? Yeah, better. :)

I am liking this movie. And it isn't just the beer talking. ;)

You give someone who has lost the most important person in their life something to focus on, and in a negative way, you are going to get fucked up. And I am only almost half way through the movie.

God damn. Sweargin Cocksucker! He is in the movie. :)

Ok, almost the half way point and I am liking the movie. Slow start. Good middle. Let's see the body count.

The professioanl courtieses are ... good.

One dog killer down.

Holy shit. The way he keeps eye contact until the end.

And we enter the Wow your son is a pussy zone. As well as the blood bath zone.

Ok, Keannue showed that Steven was shit in "Hard to Kill". People get hurt. They can still kill, but they get hurt. And Seagal didn't. ;)

The last half started to slow down.

"They know your coming."

"Of course. But it won't matter."


Wick kills the POS and ... still more people need killing.


If you want to just kill some time watch this one.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


I am watching Interstellar tonight. So far, I am 15 minutes into it and it is striking a chord. One of the things abhor is when people try rewriting history. Things like the Japanese trying to rewrite what happened during WW 2, saying the Rape of Nanking never happened. The Shelburne Race Riot, in Nova Scotia, that we are never taught about.

Which is what is happening up to this point in the movie. The government decided to rewrite history so that the moon landing was just a deception to mess up the soviets. Scarily enough, there are people who really believe the moon landing was faked. NASA went underground after they refused to bomb starving people.

Then the movie took off. Literally and figuratively. :) God damn I hate how literally is abused now. ;)

I don't trust TARS.

The movie at the 1 hour 9 minute mark is not what I expected.

Good. Damn good in many ways. But not what I expected. The focus on time differentials is good.

Ahhhh ..... gravity. :)

The whole time distorion is ... intereting. :)

Timey whimey .... damn.

I called who the ghost is/was.

Overall, it was a good movie. I liked it. And it did set itself up for a sequel. Worth seeing.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mike Babcock

Mike Babcock finally decided. He chose to leave the safety of the Detroit Red Wings and become the Head Coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs. The contract is reported to be for 8 years and worth $50-Million. Good luck to you Mr. Babcock. You have definitely taken on a challenge it will be interesting to see what happens.

People have already been coming out on two extremes. The doom and gloom group claim he made a horrible mistake. Toronto is the kiss of death. He won't be able to do anything. His career is over.

The head up their arse group see this as THE turning point. They could be right, It could be a turning point but it could be years before it is proven true or not. Some of these idiots are already making claims that the Leafs are now cup contenders next year.

Extremist Fans. They do make me chuckle.

I did find what one pundit said today very funny. (Unfortunately, I can't find a link to what he said.) He claimed that as of the moment Babcock was signed the leafs must NOW be taken seriously. Really? As of right now? What a twat. The team is the same bottom of the barrel team NOW as it was yesterday. It needs rebuilding.

Also, Babcock is coming to Toronto from the Red Wings. The Red Wings arguably have THE BEST scouting system in the NHL. (And I say this as a Canadiens fan.) It is amazing the talent they can find based on the picks they have every year. They also have a great system for preparing their prospects for the NHL. With Detroit he inherited a lot of apparatus to help keep the team winning.

People expecting an immediate turn around are setting themselves up for a huge disappointment. Rebuilding takes time.

Hopefully Babcock has the backing of MLS and the leafs management and will be allowed to build the team the way he wants. It should be interesting to see how things unfold.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Equalizer

I remember watching the tV show The Equalizer. An ex-special operative slaying his demons by helping those in need. I liked the show. I wish it lasted longer and showed us more about who and what McCall was.

Now there is a movie of the same name. based on the same show. This one stars Denzel Washington as McCall.

The lead in was slow. But not bad.

Having watched the original TV series it was hard not seeing a little white dude as McCall. But it was Denzel!

I kept expecting everything to be a background. Especially working for "Home Mart". A cover ID while he helped someone who contacted him. That was my mistake. Stop expecting the TV show I knew and go based on what was in the movie. Bad mistake.

Taken on its own as a "new" thing it was still damn good. For a rehashed thing. ;)

I loved the TV show. The whole redemption thing with McCall. His past and how it affected things,

And I loved the same things about this movie. But for different reasons. This McCall didn't take out an advertisement. He saw the people around him who needed help and tried to help them. That is an equalizer.

Which leads to an interesting question. In the TV series people came to him. In the movie he saw the people in need and went to them. Which is better?

For me, it worked. It had Denzel and it had an interesting plot. It works. (Even though I still expected some triple or quadruple layer of backup. And 3/4 of the way through I am still expecting it.) :)

So, this could be the prequel to the TV show. Regardless, I like it. Yeah, there is something to be said for the asshole getting it in the end. Prequel. Fuck yeah. :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Jack Reacher

after my last post I figured I would go through posts I had wriiten, partially written, or wanted to write, and do something about them. so I am posting this review I wrote about the movie Jack Reacher.  It was written as I watched the movie and alcohol may or may not have been consumed. OK, it was. ;)


Lately I have been reading the Jack Reacher novels by Lee Child aka Jim Grant. I have been liking the novels even though the hoboness of Jack Reacher was hard to grasp at first. Scarily enough, I started reading them because I heard about the Jack Reacher movie Tom Cruise did.

Tom Cruise. He is a bit wacky but he can act. Maybe his wackiness helps with that.

I never watched the movie until now. Something about Cruise made me stay away. After reading some of the novels my interest was piqued.

Having read the novels I wondered why the hell they picked Cruise to play Reacher. Jack Reacher is 6'5" tall and built like a brick shit house. Tom Cat is 5'7" and change.

Cruise did justice to the character in the books.

The story diverged from the books. They left stuff out. They changed things. Mind you that made it better in some ways. (OK having Cruise playing a person big enough to kill someone much shorter with one punch is way off.) In many ways?!? There were unexpected things and that made the movie better for someone who read the books and expected it to be exact.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie. Damn you Tom Cat. You continue to pull off being an action hero.