Saturday, November 21, 2015

Jurassic World

The movie tonight is Jurassic World.

A friend gave me a copy of a CAM version he got. Considering it was recorded in a theater it is DAMN good

Strangely enough, it was recorded in a theater in South Korea. How do I know? It has Korean Subtitles. My Korean is pretty weak after so long away but I actually found it interesting to try and follow along. :) I will be saving this copy.

It starts off mundane enough. Ok Parents aren't going.

Kids that are related to someone in the park will be the focus. Homages are paid to Jurassic Park and Hammond.

It is interesting so far. The whole idea of marketing a hybrid to a company.

The new version of Hammond, Masrani, thinks he can fly a helicopter. Heh.

Helicopter pilot is throwing up.
Aunt "Are you ok?" 
Masrani "He is just being dramatic." 
Well played. :)

Damn Pratt has the raptors well trained.

I am liking it so far. Looking forward to the field test.

"Maybe progress should lose for once." Word.

25 minutes in and I am definitely being entertained.

God damn, I never would have thought it but the Hangul is making me nostalgic about my time in South Korea.

Ok, back to the movie, Pratt's character, Owen, and the aunt, Claire, almost have a thing going. Will it evolve? Will she make him instrumental in saving the new kids on the block ... I mean in the park? Only time will tell.

"Oh Shit!" Yeah. Damn. The hybrid is on the loose!

God damn! It is on the move. Makes T-Rex look like a pussy!

"It's in the cage! It's in there with you!"

Oh yeah, he's dead.

And because Pratt sliced the gas line ... he's alive. Damn. I have to remember that one for the zombie apocalypse. Better than zombie blood and guts.

Ok, so the asshole who wants to weaponize the raptors is an asshole. What an epiphany. Hope the raptors eat him. Heh ... they probably will. :)

Easy to see where Pratt and the raptors will be heading.

Some tough brotherly love on the topic of divorce.

Really? Kayaking through dino areas. Fucktards. Where is the new chaos theory exponent?!?!?

Here comes some food. I mean an attack team with non-lethal weapons.

So much for the tracker. So much for the attack team.

Damn she is badass. I bet you regret making her now. If you were smart you would. But you can't see beyond the error of your ways can you?

"Evacuate the island." Too late.

Owen: "You made a genetic hybrid. Raised it in captivity. She is seeing all of this for the first time. She does not even know what she is. She will kill everything that moves."

Ok, so, they used DNA to create a prehistoric douchebag.

Masrani: You think the animal is contemplating its own existence?

Owen: "She is learning where she fits on the food chain and I'm not sure you want her to figure that out."


"All of this exists because of me. If I don't inovate someone else will." You are such a good little soldier aren't you. Don't question. Just do. My father fought your kind back in the day ... what were you called then ... oh yeah Nazis. I was just following orders. Fucktard.

And now she worries about her nephews. Wow she is so ignorant about her nephews.

I am still not liking Claire. Owen is great.

The rescue is on.

So the genetically created dinosaur is hunting for sport. Like the fucking piece of shit dentist that killed Cecil the Lion. What a piece of shit.


And I got so wrapped up in watching the movie that I forgot to type anything. Speaks volumes about the movie.

Is that the old Jurassic Park main building?!?!? Nice homage.

Very nice homage.

Ok, this movie wants me to watch the Jurassic Park movies and THEN this movie again. Well done. :)

Moral of the story ... always keep your weapon on you. And be able to run. RUN!

Another homage.

"Its like the fox in the hen house." Someone really needs to kill that piece of shit. Soon.

"That's a first." No second for you fodder.

Bwahahahahaha .... an air raid siren!!!

Ok, Claire and Pratt are definitely going to be knocking boots.

"You are all relieved. There is a new team on the ground." A team of cunts led by a cunt. Ok Pratt is leading them, not the Ingen cunt.

She looks fine all sweaty.

"I am their alpha." Heh.

"We'll always be brothers."

"No matter what!" Word!

"Your boyfriend is a badass." Heh.

Go Raptors!!!

"Watch your 6! Raptors got a new alpha." And carnage ensues.


I like this movie. :)


"Please no, don't tell your mom about that ever." Heh :)

Oh fuck me. The friend zone.

It is kind of funny. InGen is still the villain but managed to make enough inroads to really fuck things up.

I can't believe the InGen fucktard is still alive. Come on Blue. Kill the piece of shit!

Go Blue! Go Blue!

God damn!

And double god damn. Bryce, I mean Claire, looks good. :)

Get some more teeth!

"Why did you have to make it personal?" Bwahahahahaha!

And that is a lot more teeth!

DAMN!!!! I guess the fishy one was hungry!

Heh. She had to warn them that their parents were coming.

Ouch. I think her sister is pissed.

"So what do we do now?"
"Probably stick together. For survival."

Good movie. Watch it!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

What the ... seriously?!?!?!?

A friend asked we what I thought about the Remembrance Day controversy the Chronicly Horrible, I mean the Chronicle Herald, was going on about. Not having paid attention to the news I had no idea what he was talking about.

It turns out that during the Remembrance Day ceremonies taking place the Halifax Regional Police deployed armed members. My first thought was ... great. They made sure that if anything happened the right people were there to respond. What controversy?

Well, having armed police ready for anything has angered some people. What the fuck?!?!? Seriously?

“If ever there is a day to put the guns and these costumes away and say we are not afraid, this is it,” John Wesley Chisholm posted on Facebook, along with a photo of two officers in tactical gear.

Others commented on Twitter, asking the force why the more imposing gear was necessary during a public event and on a day for honouring veterans and those killed in combat.

I guess I just had a nightmare last year when a gunman murdered Nathan Cirillo and shot up Parliament. If that had happened no reasonable person would wonder why the HRP had officers ready for anything on Remembrance Day. Oh wait it did happen. And they were ready. Lest We Forget.

The main mook behind the complaints seems to be Stoo Metz.

Stoo Metz posted, “Seeing guns like this in the hands of @HfxRegPolice scares me more then the terrorists. #Halifax”

“It doesn’t make me feel safe,” Metz, a Halifax photographer, tells Yahoo Canada News. “It makes me worried we have less and less freedom because the guards now have bigger guns.“

What worries me is that the media panders to assholes like Metz, who is probably just looking to make a name for himself and sell more photos.

Seeing guns in the hands of the police scares you more than terrorists? Fuck off cunt.

Did the "guards" inconvenience you in any way? No.

Did they stop you from taking photos to sell?  No.

Did they infinge on your freedoms? No.

They were there to make sure no piece of shit hurt anyone.

Did you thank them? No. Instead you vilified them.

Fuck you Stoo Metz and all the assholes who posted shit in support of you.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What the ... comedian?!?!?

So ... a "comedian", Scott Vrooman, thought it would be funny to pretend to be a Senator-elect and get into Parliament. He was videoing himself on his phone.

“I thought, I’ll wing it. It’s improv comedy,” he said in an interview. “But improv-ing with the police is not the best idea.”

No. Really?  How about improving with Police at a place that was shot up by a gunman just over a year ago? After said gunman murdered a Soldier? Time and place fucktard. Time and place.

It reminded me of a moron we dealt with one night at work. I was talking with our Supervisor and two other guards at the front entrance when this mook approached us and started "improving". He looked at us and said;

"Wouldn't it be funny if I robbed this place?"

I looked at him as if he was a drooling moron and said "No."

He replied "Yeah. It would be funny. I know the owners (He didn't.) so I would give the money back. I wouldn't be charged. It would be funny."

We all looked at him as if he had 3 heads and I said "No. It wouldn't be funny."

He went on "It would be funny. I know them (the owners) so I wouldn't be charged. Hilarious!"

We all gave him dirty looks and he went outside for a smoke. I shook my head, looked at my Supervisor and said "Would it be funny if I yelled fire in a theatre? Hijack or bomb in an airport?"

The general consensus was that this guy was mental or just didn't get that his sense of humour wasn't funny. He didn't appear to be showing any signs of intoxication, He was just a douchebag.

Said douchebag finished his smoke, came back in, and picked up where he left off.

"It would be funny!" he said "I know the owners so the cops couldn't charge me."

We just shook our heads and looked at him as if he were mental.

"You just don't get it!" he said "I know them. I gave the money back. The cops can't touch me. It is hilarious."

"Would you say hijack on a plane?" I asked.

He had no answer.

"It just isn't funny." I said. "There is a time and place."

He threw his arms up and walked off in disgust. Mind you, he didn't go far. He went and sat at a table about 10 feet from us. Then he started staring at us, throwing dirty looks at our Supervisor.

Our supervisor's reaction? Call Surveillance and let them know we were throwing someone out. and we did. Fucking moron.

It also reminds me of the assholes who pull  "social experiments". Have people act like assholes to get a reaction from others and cry "social experiment" when it bites you in the ass.

But I digress.

In the article it said "In an odd bit of timing, he was worried about getting arrested because he was planning to risk arrest later that day at a climate change protest outside 24 Sussex Drive."

So, he didn't want to get arrested for public mischief because he planned on risking arrest in a protest later that day. Wow. What great reasoning. I believe he is a comedian because his reasoning is so hilarious.

The police politely talked to him and warned him about what he was doing. Another officer with a rifle approached and watched while he was talked to. An officer who is so armed because of what happened last year with a gunman.

Vrooman said: “I just felt like that was totally unnecessary and creepy. Because they knew at that point I was no threat, that I was a comedian,” 

Yes. They knew you were no threat and a comedian because ... you told them that. Why the fuck would they think you might not be? Fucktard, He felt is was unnecessary and creepy? How the fuck do you think the RCMP officers felt when some moron tried pretending to be a senator-elect and get into Parliament?

There reaction IS necessary because there are assholes out there who shoot places up and murder people. While Vrooman isn't one of those assholes he does seem to be another variety of asshole.

Vrooman is upset that his humour back fired. Was he shot? No. Arrested? No. Tasered? No. Yelled at? No. Did an RCMP officer hurt his feelings by telling him he could be charged with Public Mischief? Yes. Poor muffin.

Get over yourself.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Amityville Horror

It is Halloween night and after handing out candy to the kiddies I am

watching the original Amityville Horror.

19 minutes in. The real estate agent sold them. The priest has fled.

Margot Kidder is in pigtails. SHWIIIIIINNNNNNGGGG! Damn she looks good.

Even better in pigtails.

So, WWID? What would I do? Flee like the priest? No. I would do Margot

Kidder. Damn that pigtail look.

Seriously though, DAMN! :) Flee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I heard a disembodied voice tell me to get out I would hope I had enough sense to get the hell out. After doing Margot Kidder. :)

The story is good and the signs are subtle. He turns to the dark side.

Evil shit starts happening slowly.

The basement. Damn. The basement.

Margot Kidder doing ballet in her undies. Damn.

I hope they realize the ghosts are watching them fuck. Or at least we are.

Scarily enough this isn't what I remember of the movie. I remember the evil horror shit.

This could be called the Flannel Family moves in to a hautned house. Damn! Kidder still has one legging on.

God damn that cat!

And the wood chopping starts.

God damn ... that skirt. If you don't put the axe down and take her right now you have to be possessed!

George, you are possessed. Seriously though, if you think those 2 bags are a weeks worth of groeeries you are starving.

The build ups to all out batshit haunting is subtle. I like that.

Hmmm ... so a demon possessed house keeps religous people away? Hmmm ... bye bye Jehovah Witnesses?

George ... let her warm you up. Damn! You possessed.

"There was a presence in the house." Damn!

When he was ordered to sit teh Priest should have told the "superior" priest to fuck off.

Damn. It was a good watch when I first saw it and it still is.

I hate flies!

The orange upper lights are evil. EVIL!

Kill Jodie!

Fuck the basement.


The Last Night!

Oh yeah. Get the fuck out!

Watch this!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

A friend of mine re-facebooked, hey if retweeted is a word so is re-Facebooked, an image.

To the first part I say ... you are a fucking Canadian (the friend who re-Facebooked this) not an American. We DO have gun laws. The point of gun laws is to KEEP THEM OUT OF THE HANDS of the "few lunatics". Not just the criminals, which the quote totally ignores, but the lunatics. The lunatics in the US who GET GUNS because the laws, such as they are, don't stop them. Would you rather have a "7 Day Wait of Shame" or a lunatic getting a gun? Then pass some fucking gun control laws  to keep them out of the hands of the few crazies and stop being a cunt.

As to point 2 ... oh please fuck off and stop trying to pit the sort of haves against the have nots. Once again ... YOU, the re-Facebooker, are a Canadian. We don't have Social Security. We have "Employment Insurance" (because the Cons think Unemployment Insurance is too negative) and Welfare. One is meant to help the disadvantaged the other to help seasonal workers. BOTH have been targeted by the Conservative government. Are you against both or just one? Because both are abused by SOME of the users. Oh wait, some ... a few ... doesn't that hurt your first argument? Should you blame ALL of those who use it because of the few who abuse it?

Yeah, I thought so. That post told me a lot about you.

Fuck off.


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Facebook wants my input ... again.

What a coinkydink. I mention that craptastic Facebook survey and it popped up on my Facebook page AGAIN.

Give feedback eh? Now to me that means I will be able to tell them what I think about Facebook and how I think they can improve it. But to Facebook it just means ...

... their craptastic survey. They will show you 10 sets of images and you choose the 1 you would prefer to see on your news feed. News feed being their way of saying Facebook page. What news "stories" do you get shown?

They take "stories" friends have posted that appeared on your page and ask you to either choose between the two or hit can't decide. Wow. What a great measure this is"news" I would want to see. What a great way to give input!


And as I mentioned in my previous post, you will get one image showing up multiple times.

The cat video "news story" showed up FOUR FUCKING TIMES. I didn't choose it the first or second time so why keep bringing it back?!?!?

You really suck at getting feedback from people Facebook. Stop pretending you really care what people think and just go about doing whatever like you used to. If you aren't prepared to REALLY accept input from people just fuck off.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What is trending on Facebook today? 1

There is still no option to get rid of the trending BS that Facebook forces on us. Mind you there is a good side to it, if I don't want to have the score of a game ruined for me it makes me stay away from Facebook. Seriously though, they pick the stupidest fucking trending topics to force on me. Like todays shit.

Why would I give a shit if Jim Carrey's ex-gf was married to another man when she died? Considering that Jim Carrey is single and she is his ex I would have been surprised, if I cared, to hear that she was married to him. Fucktards.

I don't even care that his ex-gf died. Call me cold but I don't know him. I didn't know her. Or her family. So why would her death have any impact on me or hold any interest unless I am some morbid fucking death fetish kind of person?

Burger Kings black whopper turns your shit green. Once again, don't give a fuck. Hell, I don't even eat at Burger King now that I live in a country with Wendy's. At least this "trending" is a tad interesting for a laugh.

Even the "trending" that holds some interest for me is fucked up. The blurb is talking about what happened a couple of days ago. It doesn't mention the current news, that Kassian is suspended without pay and is on level 2 of the NHL's substance abuse program.

No new. Shit news. Old news. Nothing new when talking about the BS trending that Facebook forces on people.

Fuck you Facebook.

You REALLY want to know what I have to say? Don't put out some piece of shit "survey" that doesn't actually allow me to tell you what I think. Give me a place to leave a comment that will be at least read by someone at the company. Hell, even if it isn't read it would make a lot of people think you actually did care what they thought.

Like I said, fuck you Facebook.