Saturday, June 18, 2011

Here comes another one ..... Nathan Kotylak

And another one mook from the Vancouver riot has been ID'd. Nathan Kotylak, future Olympian and World Class Mook. Nathan is 17 and was on Canada's junior water polo team. Word is he has been suspended pending a review.

According to CBC Newsworld Nathan's father said while it is him in the picture he didn't do it. Wow. That clears everything up then. His father also said;

"He added he wishes his older son had been there that night to look out for his 17-year-old and described the photo as "misleading."

He is on video and was photographed putting a rag into the police car gas tank and lighting it, as well as participating in the riot, but hey that is misleading. Nathan is innocent. Yet another parent with their head up their ass. We have already seen how your parenting has worked on Nathan. why should anyone expect his brother to act differently?

Then you have this;

A family member told The Province that the media should be cautious about feeding into the lynch-mob mentality which is occurring on Internet sites as a result of the astonishing pictures.

The person said the youth was egged on by the crowd and noted that the young man is currently under a great deal of pressure.

Poor baby, he is currently under pressure ... and who exactly created the pressure?

According to the latest reports in the news, from the father, Nathan is going to "do the right thing" and turn himself in. Do the right thing? Not being a fucking mook and rioting would have been doing the right thing. And how about "going to turn himself in"? Are we supposed to believe he would have done the right things if the photos hadn't surfaced? They make it sound like like turning himself in now, well after the fact, is some great act of nobility. While at teh same time they try to deny he did anything wrong.

To Nathan and his family I say this. I understand he is your kin and you feel you have to defend him and try to protect him, but take some fucking responsibility and quit making excuses!

I remember when I was 17 and what my father would have done if I had torched a car and rioted. I would have been turning myself in rather than facing him! Luckily, my parents raised me better than Nathan's so I never had to go through that.

There are a couple of sites I have found that are working on bringing as many of these mooks into the public light as they can. Public Shaming Eternus and Name That Criminal. Both are worth a look.


  1. Nathan Kotylak's father is a out of control teenager's dream dad. I would have loved if my father had been as gullibable has he is.

    I find it hilarious how Nathan and his father is trying to make him look like it was his choice to come forward and in Nathan's case, taking it a step futher by claiming that he could have taken shelter as a Young Offender but he asked his father to go public (his lawyer must have clued him in that it would be impossible to hide behind the young offenders law would do no good since his identity was already exposed).

  2. Yeah, he definitely taught his son nothing about being responsible.

  3. Then you have the people I have seen whining about the "poor child". He is 17. He is a young adult, not a child.

    I knew at 12 not to do what he did. Hell, I knew at 5 that it would be wrong to set stuff on fire.

    It is time the "child" learned there are consequences for his actions. H

    Then again there are some benefits if we treat him as a child. That means his PARENTS are totally responsible for what he did and are LIABLE for the cost of all damage he did. Maybe daddy will start singing a different tune about his great innocent child?

  4. Have you always been this much of an asshole?

    1. Hmmm ... I always thought I was a bigger one when I was younger but I am biased.