Sunday, October 30, 2011

A story.

My life was falling apart. Everything shitty that could be happening seemed to be, all at the same time. I had broken up with my fiance. I was out of work with no immediate prospects for a job. Along with that I was having money problems and my old boss was trying to screw me over. I was having a falling out with one of my best friends. And just to round things off I was having some health problems. All in all it was not a good time to be me.

The stress and depression was intense. If I had believed in suicide I probably would have killed myself. At times all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball and ignore the world.

One night I went to sleep depressed as usual. For some reason I woke up at 3 AM on the dot. Or as on the dot as any digital clock can be. Something felt off .. strange. It felt like someone was in the room with me. I looked at the foot of the bed and that is when I saw them.

Standing at the end of my bad was my Father and my dog Zeus. That might not seem so strange except for the fact my father had died 7 years and my dog 2 years before that night. I know how incredible it sounds, the ghosts of my father and dog. Was I still sleeping?

My father never actually spoke. It was as if I could feel what he wanted to say. I felt ... reassured. Safe. Loved. It was as if he was somehow telling me not to worry. Life would get better. They were watching over me.

Then they were gone. I blinked a few times and doubted everything that had just happened. Then I laid back down and went to sleep.

When I woke up I felt refreshed. The sense of stress and depression hadn't vanished but it wasn't as strong. I even felt something that I hadn't felt in what seemed like an eternity. Hope. Life did progress and things got better.

The few people I told about this story scoffed at it. It was just a dream. Your mind was playing tricks. They may be right or maybe I really did see two ghosts that night.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


I was watching The Colbert Report and he talked about Jesusween. It sounded so screwed up that I knew it had to be real ... and it is. Stephen Colbert referred to it as part of the War on Halloween.

Some Christers decided to try and create a "Godly alternative" to Halloween. Proponents of Jesusween are supposed to hand out Bibles and "Christian" gifts. They actually believe that it will become the most successful Christian outreach day. Odds are it will just end up creating the most successful egg sales day of the year. Some asshole put a crucifix in your treat bag? Egg the motherfucker!

Bloody whackjobs have to try and ruin everything. Isn't it bad enough that a lot of "Christian" holidays ripped off those of other religions in a move to assimilate them and gain more converts? Now they have to ruin candy day for kids? You would think followers of the ultimate zombie would embrace Halloween and not try and destroy it.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Nice gesture but ....

The picture below has been circulating on Facebook with feel good taglines like: There is still hope left in the world with stuff like this.

While I like to see it and applaud the Dry Cleaning store for their generosity to those in need the cynic in me starts shouting. I immediately think of the people who will abuse the generosity of the dry cleaner.

This isn't just based on conjecture. It is based on my own experiences helping those in need and the lengths fucktards will go to abuse the generosity of others. I used to help the outreach program at my Mother's church at Thanksgiving and Christmas time. They would provide food baskets for the dinners and in the case of Christmas presents for all of the family members. The number of people trying to take advantage of it, such as get more than they need/deserve or falsify their need, made me sick.

Some of the worst abusers were getting assistance from multiple sources. Seriously, how many fucking turkey dinners do the greedy fucktards really need? Some were discovered to be getting them from FOUR different sources. Each extra one they got meaning one less for families that really needed them.

One leech even went so far as to claim our next door neighbour as her parents and tried to use their address. She wanted to pick the stuff up and not have it delivered. Fortunately, we knew our neighbours. An elderly couple from Quebec who had NO kids living in Nova Scotia. Thei ONLY child being a son who lived in Montreal.

The fucktard actually tried arguing that the address was right and they were her parents. The argument ended when I took the phone and said fine, I will be at their house waiting for you to show up for the Christmas Basket. Bitch never showed. Turns out she was scamming my mother's church, the local food bank, and the Metro food bank.

Unfortunately, scum like that ruin it for those who want to help and those who need the help. People get scammed by them or hear about it and don't want to help anymore. Which screws over the families that really need and deserve the help.

I applaud the dry cleaner but I expect some fucktard will quickly take advantage of their generosity ruining things for those in need.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Gadhafi dead?

CBC is reporting that Moammar Gadhafi has been killed. I know it isn't nice or PC to say but I hope it is true. His death is decades overdue but at least it finally happened.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Most Moronic Comment

(I was looking through old posts/drafts and found this. No idea why I never posted it after I wrote it so I figured better late than never.)

An Anonymous commenter on What The Kimchi once asked me what was the stupidest thing a moron has said to me. I cited a comment from YouTube. Some YouTard saw a picture of my house and said "That is your house? That is why you stink." While maybe not the stupidest thing ever said it ranks up there. It got me thinking about exactly what is the stupidest thing said to me. There are many contenders and I can't really seem to choose one over the other.

Years ago a friend (A) called up another friend's (B) house, where I was. After talking with B, A asked for me. The first thing he said? "So, uh, where are you?"

Years ago I took a spill down a hill in the Spring. Branches tore my jacket up and left a nasty gash on my left arm. I am walking home splattered in mud with blood dripping down and off an arm. Some JoHo at my neighbours looked at me and said "Are you hurt?".

The multiple times Mr. Kim of Ivy School would use the excuse "miscommunication" whenever he was caught lying or trying to cheat you.

Another YouTard who said that while Koreans are racist it isn't their fault because they didn't create racism.

So many things I could point that have been said by those KKKrazy people over at Korea Sentry.

So many things AnonyJohn said on "What The Kimchi?" and "The Dog Farm".

It is hard to come up with one comment that is above the rest because there have been so many stupid ones over the years and in different venues.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Derailed Thoughts

Every have a great train of thought? One you figured would make for a good discussion. You have what you want to say meticulously thought out and just know it will convey what you want to say in such a way no one could misinterpret it?

I had one today while walking the dog around the lake. Unfortunately, or fortunately because what we think is great isn't always that good, I had such a good time with Grizzly that I completely forgot what i wanted to blog about by the time I got home.

Oh well. Life goes on. and if I can't remember it maybe it just wasn't as impressive as I thought it was. ;)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Little Old Mookies

I had a hard time naming this post. There were so many options. The tried and overused "Mookfest". Mookstravaganza. Mook Trick. Mook hat Trick. Mookfecta. I settled on Little Old Mookies and you should be able to figure out why.

I knew it was going to be an interesting day at work. As I pulled into the parkade an old woman driving a sporty red car was over the median separating the in and out lanes. I didn't know if she drove down the wrong side or backed over it. But there she was in all her glory. When I got inside I talked with security. Turns out she went down the wrong way (from the 4th floor) almost hit a few cars (at 4 AM there were ONLY a few cars in the parkade) and drove over the median to get out. She had NOT been drinking. What a mook.

When I was leaving a little old lady had driven her car into a wall on the 4th floor of the parkade. Luckily, she wasn't hurt. Nor was the wall. Her bumper was bashed in though.

A block from work a granny decided that she needed to be in my lane even though I was there. She missed my front bumper by millimetres. The air was blue around my car. She then proceeded to almost hit two other cars. I was just happy that she wasn't going my way after that.

Little old mookies, they shouldn't be allowed on the road.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Shit My Mother Says ...

My Mother and I went to Pet's Unlimited to get some stuff for the dog. Top on the list was a couple of balls for Grizzly to play with. Mom had picked up a street hockey ball from Crappy Tire but it was too small. A Nephew was at work there. Mom walked up to him and said;

"Do you have big balls?"

My Nephew and I looked at each other and started laughing.

Grizzly update

Grizzly joined our family last Saturday and he fit right in. He is such a good dog. I was patting his head and rubbing his back Saturday night and he just melted into me and slid to floor to be patted. Then, while being patted, you could feel his pulse slow as he relaxed and his eyes fluttered. He started to fall asleep like that. What can I say, it brought tears to my eyes.

After Ruger's death the house felt dead. Grizzly has brought life back to it.