Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What the ... fucktardery?!?!?

I don't know if there was something in the water the past week or there is just a rise in stupidity around the world.

You have the "couch surfing" morons I already mentioned.

Then you have ESPN and the racist headline they used, Chink in the Armour. How in the fuck do you NOT know that will be taken as offensive? It is nice they fired some people but that is something that never should have even been considered seriously as a headline.

Now you have NATO trying to apologize for an "error" that led to copies of the Koran being discarded and "possibly" burned in Afghanistan. An "error"? Is that like being a little pregnant? What kind of a monumental fucktard in charge could let something like that happen? Not surprisingly, the Afghans have been rioting and people have died.

What a bunch of Uber-Tards.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Bottom of the fucking food chain.

One of the top stories right now is about the death of a man in Quebec. He was "couch surfing". My reaction was ... what the hell is couch surfing?

These brain trusts hook a couch up to their vehicle and pull it down the road. The stupider of the group will "surf" on it. I suppose it is the next illogical step for the morons who were into planking.

The fucktards in the article ended up causing an accident. A driver in the other lane ended up hitting the couch. Now one of the fucktards is dead. The fucktard who was driving is now being charged with hit and run causing death, dangerous driving, and criminal negligence causing death. He had fled the scene.

The person I feel sorry for is the driving of the car that ended up hitting the couch. He will have to live his life dealing with what happened, even though it was the stupidity of the morons who caused it all.

I hope the idiot who was driving gets the maximum penalty.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Metro Transit

I am one of the lucky ones. The current transit strike doesn't affect me because I don't use the bus. I gave up on the public transit system here decades ago.

When I was going to University I took the bus most of my first year. I had problems with it just about every other day. There was no direct route to University, which wasn't a big problem. A simple transfer to another bus solves the problem. Unfortunately, the bus I had to transfer to rarely ever waited. Which meant a longer wait. Not a big problem but definitely annoying.

The buses would often be too early at the stop near me. I would get there 10 minutes BEFORE the bus was supposed to be there to find out that it had already been there.

One summer I worked in Burnside Industrial Park. There was no direct bus there. I would have to go all around town, and transfer 2-3 times, to get there. Add to that the bus that did run there ONLY ran once an hour. If you missed the bus you were screwed. From my nephew's experiences busing to work in Burnside it the service hasn't improved since then.

I will continue to drive instead of using Metro Transit if/when the strike is over.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


I love walking the dog. He loves walking. Unfortunately, he gets aggressive when on leash. Aggressive or protective. Or some kind of combination. Off leash, at Camp Bow Wow he is fine. On leash he will be good nose to nose and then he gets a snappy (at the air by them not at them directly). Grizzly was really head shy when we first adopted him and although he has gotten better about it he is still defensive. So, I always warn other dog walkers and there has never been a problem ... with other dogs on leash.

It is the dog mooks who insist on letting their dogs off leash in areas that are NOT designated off leash that are a problem. It is nice that your dog is good off leash and you know he is friendly. MY dog gets upset when strange dogs rush into his space and face.

I had a run in with a DoOok the other day. His dog, a big shepherd, was off leash and came charging up the path. He yelled for it to come back and the dog didn't listen. My dog saw this big fella running at him and was ready to fight. I had to control Grizzly and at the same time get between the dogs, which isn't a good place to be.

Needless to say I yelled at the guy to get his dog under control ... or else. He managed to get his dog and back off. Then he made the mistake of getting chirpy with me. "My dog is friendly." "There was no harm." "Nothing would have happened." "No need to yell at me I know how to handle my dog." Stupid fucking mook.

I told him off in no uncertain terms. He didn't seem to appreciate that. When I pulled out my cell phone and called Animal Control he decided it was time to shut up and leave.

All of this happened pretty much under one of the several signs in the park that say pets must be on leash at all times. Fucking DoOoks.