Thursday, April 19, 2012

What the ... rum?!?!?

"They are a rum lot."

If you have read any period novels, like those by Patrick O'Brian, you will have seen the word rum used in a way we aren't really used to seeing. In British slang (old) it can mean odd, strange, or even presenting danger or difficulty, when used as an adjective.

What can I say, I kind of like it. Mooks are a rum lot after all. :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What the ... pretentious prattling?!?!?

Looking around the web for Cheese Curds Burgers menu I came across a few review sites. I had to shake my head at how pretentious some of those criticizing the restaurant were.

One of the most common retorts from these people was along this line;

"In the end we realized that we could do the same thing at home, only better and probably in the same 30 minutes it took us to work through the line."

Then stay the fuck home. These people remind me of the foodie wannabe's that flock to Ramsay's restaurant when he does the F Word. You have dishes that Ramsay feels are spot on yet these foodtards find fault with them. When they have Ramsay's experience I will pay attention to what they have to say. Until then ... meh.

Then you had those who would start off with a comment like this;

"Honestly, I so wanted to like this place!!! "

With all due respect, I don't believe you. Mainly because you are using code language. It is like using the term "With all due respect ..." It usually really means the speaker has no respect for you. Using it is a way of trying to make yourself look good while slagging someone off.

I understand people not liking something and wanting to complain about it. Why do you think I started to blog? :) But when it is that pretentious it just reinforces my faith in the stupidity of people. And entertains me.

Cheese Curds Burgers

A gourmet burger restaurant opened up in Dartmouth, Cheese Curds Burgers and Poutinerie. I have heard a LOT of good things about it but never managed to go there ... until today.

They have a large selection of gourmet burgers and toppings. (Here is a link to their menu.) The amount of toppings available is too large for me to remember. They have the standards (onion, dill pickle, etc) and a lot unusual ones (liked caramelized pineapple). Everything is fresh and your food is made to order.

I treated my mother to lunch from there today. My mother opted for just the basic Angus burger. I went for the TNT Spicy Burger combo. Plus we got an order of onion rings to split.

The TNT Spicy burger didn't disappoint. It is topped with hot pepperoni, fried jalapeƱo pepper rings, jack cheese and chipotle mayo. I had dill pickle and onion added to it.

It was nice and spicy but not over powering. You could taste all the ingredients. Four hours has passed since I ate it and I can still taste it, in a good way. :) Hell, I am still full!

Unfortunately, I didn't have room for the fries. I ate a couple and they were good.

The onion rings were great. They actually didn't survive the drive home. :)

Great food and service. I shall return!

Monday, April 16, 2012


"... and since a tyrant's position is a little less insecure if the discontent can be directed at a foreigner,"

The above is a quote from "The Far Side of the World" by Patrick O'Brian. Dr. Maturin was talking about why their ship should avoid some areas, such as Argentina. It made me think about Argentina in the 80's and the whole Falkland's crisis.

The Junta in charge needed to distract the people from the dismal economic situation, not to mention lack of civil liberties, so they decided to invade the Falklands.

"who knows what imaginary crimes may not be fastened upon our people?"

The last part of the quote really made me think about South Korea and the Republican Party in the US.

In the case of Korea it reminded me of the way Mad Cow was used to push an anti-America agenda. The lengths Koreans, whether the Government or the people, go to excoriate foreigners.

In the case of the US, the way the Republican's use batshit to try and taint Obama.

Heh ... I used taint. :)

Great quote on many levels. :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rant: Dog Mooks

I am sick and fucking tired of the fucking dog mooks that inhabit this city. Their sense of entitlement is equal to if not greater than that of the worst adjossi or adjumma in SoKo. Is it so hard for these fucktards to keep their dogs on a leash at an ON LEASH park? Evidently it is.

I had Grizzly out for a well deserved walk after work. In 20 minutes we ran into 6 people with dogs. Only ONE had their dog on a leash, and she was running into the same DoOoks I was.

The first moron we encountered was some bimbo with a dog half the size of mine. Of course he was off leash. She was about 35-40 feet away when I warned her that my dog is aggressive/defensive on leash and a bit head shy. She acknowledged that and made absolutely no attempt to stop her dog from running up. I warned her again. Nothing. Her dog ran up and then tried to go under mine and of course he flew at it. THEN she freaked and got her ass over and leashed her dog.

I told her that if there were any bites it was her problem. She was warned and didn't keep her dog away. In fact the dog should NOT have been off leash. She started getting a little lippy which pissed me off even more.

I said "Listen you stupid cunt. I warned you in PLENTY of time for you to leash your dog. You did NOTHING. You stood there like a stunned bunny. I warned you again and you did nothing. It wasn't until your dog was in trouble that you finally moved your fat ass and did something. If you had your dog on a leash like you were supposed to this would NEVER have happened."

She whined about my language and I stopped her. "Do you actually understand why I am pissed off?"

She replied "Yes."

I retorted "Well, I warned you twice what would happen and you didn't understand that. I call you a stupid cunt and now you do. I guess I should have used that language first and the incident wouldn't have happened. Let's call animal control or the RCMP and report what happened and see who gets in trouble."

She chirped a bit and left in a huff.

About 4-5 minutes later we encounter ... another DoOok. This one with two chocolate labs running loose. She saw us at the same time, from about 25 feet or so away. This one had some brains because she immediately leashed her dogs. I thanked her for doing that and explained my dogs issues. She wasn't so bad but still a bit of a mook.

Then we run into the only other person who had their dog on a leash when we met them. I have met her before, and she ALWAYS used the leash at this park. Her dog is like Grizzly. Which is WHY we take them to on leash parks where they SHOULDN'T run into loose dogs.

After that I ran into a mook with a lone mutt running loose. It took a few words for him to get his dog on a leash.

At that point I gave up. Grizzly was extremely agitated because of the loose dogs coming at him. We turned around and headed back to the parking lot.

Then we ran into yet another mook. This one with with 2 labs, one black the other yellow, running loose. He was a distance away and I was able to avoid Grizzly seeing them.

As I got him into the car another couple of mooks with 3 dogs running loose walked into the parking lot. One his dogs actually ran up to my car, where Grizzly was inside, yapping and snarling. I told one of the mooks that if the dog touched my car they would be springing for a new paint job. They leashed their dog and sulked off to their car.

All in all it was the worst outing ever. Because of these fucktards who don't understand that the on leash rule actually applies to them. We should be able to cock punch these morons, and have their pets taken away.


I wrote this Monday afternoon right after I got home from walking the dog. It was fresh in my mind and I was PISSED. Uber pissed. I never posted it because I try not to post things I write in anger. I would rather calm down then come back and look at it.

Having left it for a few days, and in each one of those days had problems with Dog Mooks I decided it wasn't too harsh to post. So I posted it today.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Message for the CBC

CBC, we need to talk. Your reporting can be maddening at times. I can understand when news organizations from other countries screw up talking about Canada but you have no excuse.

Case in point, your story today about how gas prices jumped up overnight all across Canada. If Canada consisted of Ontario and Quebec you would be right. Luckily, or rather unfortunately for you, there is a lot more to Canada. Gas prices went up in Nova Scotia LAST FRIDAY. They went up in New Brunswick LAST THURSDAY. Not last night.

It does seem at times like you think the Eastern part of Canada ends at Quebec. Especially when your weather reports talk about the weather in the East and then proceed to yammer on about Ontario. Last I heard Ontario is in the central part of Canada. Probably part of the reason why you think the country revolves around Ontario.

Oh and saying you were talking about the Eastern half of Canada doesn't cut the mustard when you only talk about Ontario and Quebec.

CBC I do prefer your reporting over other stations but when you ignore the actual Eastern part of Canada it makes your reporting seem shoddy. It makes you seem somewhat like The Korea Times. What is next? Reports on E.T. graveyards in Nunavut? Of course not. It would have to be in Ontario if you were reporting on it.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What the ... TrUcktard?!?!?

"You fat fuck ..."

"Have another cheeseburger fatso ...."

Pick any variation of a taunt for someone who is over weight and you have a lot of barbs left by trolling fucktards on YouTube against anyone overweight they are targeting. Myself included.

The latest comment I saw just left me shaking my head at the stupidity of the TrUcktard. His comment was two sentences. One calling me a fat fuck. The second saying it is obvious I am wrong. Obvious because I am fat? Or a lot fatter in the video he was "commenting" on? It is as if they believe that calling me fat negates everything I said. It must be interesting in their world. Scary too.

Using myself as an example, if someone doesn't care enough and allows themself to become morbidly obese why would anything some anonymous internet tough guy say matters? It wouldn't. People in their life that they actually care about have probably said stuff about their weight. If that doesn't get through or bother them the TrUcktards comments would mean next to nothing. Or even less. Internet tough guys, anonymously brave. In real life they usually keep their mouth shut or just mutter under their breath because they don't have the cajones to speak up. Unless drunk.

The latest twat reminds me of a drunken moron I had to deal with at work. We had closed for the night. About 10 minutes after he started pounding on the door and shouting that he needed in. He demanded to use the phone.

I told him "Sorry. We are closed."

"I need to use your fucking phone. Let me in!"

Once again "Sorry we are closed."

He demanded to be let in again to use the phone. I knew he probably wanted to call a taxi, it was a cold winter night. Just as I was about to say "Want me to call a cab for you?" the asshat shouted:

"Have you always been that fucking fat?"

My answer was quick and to the point. "No, I used to be fatter."

That seemed to deflate the idiot. He got a stunned look on his face. It was the last thing he expected to hear. After a few seconds of silence he started in again. "Have you always been that fat and stupid?"

"Buddy, I am not the one who left without calling a cab. And I am not the one who decided to be insulting when I should have been polite. Who's stupid?"

This just egged him on. Yes, I was kind of bored waiting for the all clear call and he was providing some entertainment much like his cousin the internet asshole. My reply spurred him on to more vitriol and starting to make threats of physical violence. My laughing at his threats didn't calm him down either.

I got the all clear call and said "Thanks for the laughs. I have to go. Enjoy the cold."

He wailed "Call me a cab!!!!"

I replied with a smirk "You are a cab." and walked away.

But I digress. Trolling fucktards abound on the internet. Sometimes you just have to use them as a form of entertainment.