Friday, June 29, 2012

Mook of the Week

I took my Mother to CostCo the other day. She has a lot of trouble walking due to a heart problem and ostio-arthritis in the knees. Which means she has a handicapped parking tag and needs to use it. We lucked out and found one close to the entrance.

As she moved around to pull in we noticed just how badly the asshole on the left had parked his car. These parking spots are big. On top of that there is a large area between every 2 spots for extra space. This moron, driving a blue Hyundai Tuscon with Nova Scotia license number EWU 585, did such a shitty job parking that he was taking up some of the spot beside him.

This means anyone parking in the empty spot would have to be partially in the white area and screw up the person to his right. We ended up taking a parking spot further down so we wouldn't have to do that. Unfortunately, not everyone thinks that way and another person ended up taking the spot we passed on. Maybe their physical condition was worse than my Mother's and they just couldn't park further back. I hope so, or they are almost as much of a mook as the asshole in the blue Tuscon.

Seriously, how much fucking space does this mook need to get out of his Tuscon?

It made me wonder if the handicapped tag (There was one on the rear view mirror. If there hadn't been I would have called the cops.) wasn't reflecting a mental rather than a physical handicap. It is bad enough when you get some non-handicapped mook using these spaces. You would think someone with a disability would be a little more considerate.

Fucking mooks.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Horse & Buggy Tour of Lunenburg.

Ok, I vented about the shitty service at Big Reds Family Restaurant. Now it is time to talk about something in Lunenburg that was FANTASTIC!!! The horse and buggy ride.

Our horse was Duke and our guide was ... damn ... I am embarrassed to say I forget his name. It might have been Mickey but I wouldn't bet on that. I will never forget his tour. He gave such a great tour that when there was a few minutes where he had nothing to say I couldn't think of a question to ask. Considering how much I like to talk and ask questions, combined with my love of history, that is pretty damn impressive.

The tour takes around 35 minutes. You are introduced to a lot of historical buildings and the stories surrounding them as well as the town. It was well worth the money. (Only $20.)

If you are going to Lunenburg I highly recommend A Trot in Time.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Big Reds Family Restaurant in Lunenburg

I have been showing one of my brothers around the province a bit. (He is visiting from Ontario.) Today I drove us to Lunenburg for a day trip. It is a beautiful and very historic city. We had a great time until we went to Big Reds for lunch.

The menu was a bit pricey but I expected that. It is in a tourist area. $36 or so for 2 bacon cheeseburgers with fries and pop. (And some people complain about the price of the burgers at Cheese Curds Burgers?!?!?) We were hungry so I didn't give a damn about the price. I expected something good though. 

Oh, I did find it a little funny that you had to order and pay for everything inside in advance. Then they would bring it to your table. That should have been a warning. A BIG RED warning. 

After we had ordered, paid, and been waiting on the patio in the heat of the day for about 15 or more minutes the waiter brought our drinks. (Oh, the only other customers left about 10 minutes after we sat down. So it isn't like the place was busy.) The waiter tells us that he will be back in a couple of minutes with our food. 

It was over 10 minutes later that he returned with our food. 25+ minutes to get 2 fucking cheeseburgers? For that long a wait they had best be the best fucking burger I have ever eaten. They weren't. While they weren't bad at best they were fair. For $36+ and a 25+ minute wait that just doesn't work for me. 

The waiter never came out to see how we were doing. When I went in to use the bathroom he was no where to be found. I had planned on letting him know what I thought of the service. Maybe he sensed that and hid. 

I left a tip to reflect what I thought of the quality of the food and service at Big Reds. A penny.

I will be back to Lunenburg. My family is big and relatives visit a lot in the summer. I will be taking them to Lunenburg from time to time. I will NEVER take them to Big Reds. 

If you go to Lunenburg and are looking for food I would advise you to go anywhere but big Reds.

Monday, June 18, 2012

What the ... regret?!?!?!?

I have few regrets in life. One is that I linked Facebook to my "smartphone". Jesus Fucking Christ Facebook annoys the hell out of me making my phone beep when someone does anything on my page. Now I have to figure out how to unlink it. What  piece of annoying shit.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mook of the Week?

I took the dog to Rainbow Haven beach for a walk. The first parking lot was all but empty. Counting my car there were two cars parked there. As I walk down the road what do I see?

THREE cars parked on the road. There are No Parking signs every 20 feet or so on the road. One of the morons is parked right between two signs while another is parked right beside one.

As I approach the area to go to the beach one of the Mooks is coming back to his vehicle. His dog is off leash. If you read this blog you know the loathing I have for Dog Mooks doing crap like this in on leash areas. I mentioned this to him and he put his dog on leash and then puts him in the car.

It was hot out today. This fucking moron put his dog in a car sitting out in the hot sun. He didn't even open a window! What was he in a hurry for? To take pictures with his wife and kids for Father's Day. What a fucking mook.

As I walked by I mentioned something about the stupidity of someone who would do that to a dog. I also pondered aloud whether I should call the police or animal control. The ass must have been listening because he hurried his family to the car and left.

Talk about your trifecta of idiocy. This asshole seems more like  a Mook of the Year than the Week.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Shit Morons Say ... about being responsible.

"Those signs don't apply to me because I am a responsible dog owner."

This quote was related to me by a Park Warden today. We were talking about the Dog Mooks who let their pets run loose in on leash areas. He told me about one who, when the signs saying pets must be on leash and cleaned up after were pointed out, said that quote. According to the Warden, this type of attitude is held by a lot of the mooks who let their dogs run loose where they shouldn't.

I told him about the idiots who, as their dog was running toward me and mine, would say "It is ok, my dog is friendly". To which I would reply "Mine isn't". Most would just get slack jawed but a few would stammer out "But mine is". And then I would have to remind them that the world doesn't revolve around them in some colourful language.

Fucking mooks!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Layover: Los Angeles

I posted about it on What The Kimchi?!?!?!? but it could have and should have been here. ;)