Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Is it so wrong to just want to take my dog to a fucking off leash park and NOT encounter dogs off leash? Based on every walk today (4) it is a pipe dream. From some fucktard letting her 2 dogs loose at 7 Am to tards on the run every other time I went out with Grizzly. It is fucked up.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What the ... booking stupidity?

Justin Bieber was booed at during the Grey Cup half time show. Actually, the boos would erupt whenever his picture was shown on the screens according to the article. Of course he was booed. Most football fans aren't teen aged girls who love bieber.

The game was sold out before the half time line up was announced. Which means the tickets were not bought with the half time show acts being a concern. Did they really think the bulk of the adult male fans who were going would be Bieber fans? If they did they are fucking morons.Know your target audience and book accordingly.

I have to give Bieber credit for not letting the crowd get to him. It couldn't have been a pleasant experience but he didn't walk away from the challenge. I am not a fan of his music but you have to admire his perseverance.

Mook of the Week

You just can't escape mooks. Just when it looks like none are around one will rear their ugly head and fuck you around in some way. This morning is a good example.

When you get up at 3 or 5 AM for work 6 AM is sleeping in. What better way to start your weekend, Monday is my Friday, than a sunrise walk in the park with your dog? Grizz and I got there at 7 Am and there was NO ONE there. It was beautiful. The sunrise, walk, and the fact no one was there.

Of course, I should have known that wouldn't last. As we started down the main hill what happens? 2 Golden Retrievers start charging out of the brush. No human in sight. They weren't coming our way, yet, and were about 50 feet away. I made Grizzly sit and waited hoping the dogs would keep going.

No such luck. When the mook who brought them appeared she thought it was funny. One of the dogs noticed her looking our way and laughing. So it decided to start charging our way. That set Grizzly off. I told the mook to get her dog under control.

What did she reply? One of the standard dog mook comments. "Its ok. My dog is friendly."

I gave my standard reply to that. "Mine isn't. Get yours under control."

The bitch laughed and said she didn't have a leash. She did start calling the dog, which ignored her. At this point Grizzly was ready to throw down. Her dog stopped about 10 feet away then ran off. Smart dog. Stupid fucking owner.

I yelled at her "You loopy fucking cunt. You bring two dogs out to an ON LEASH park and don't even bring a leash. Fuck you are a moron." She muttered something and went off after the dogs. The dogs were almost out of sight at that point.

Her SUV was parked beside my car. I suppose she had no choice to park there considering how full the lot was with only my car there.

If you see a red Highlander with the plate DSW 424 beware it is being driven by a cunning stunt and mook of the Nth degree.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Foot in Motormouth Diease

Sarge saw Skyfall the weekend it opened. On the Monday he talked about it on the drop. As we talked about the Bond franchise Motormouth said "I have every Bond movie."

The topic turned to the various Bonds. Who was your favourite? As soon as someone mentioned Connery MM blurted out "He isn't British!"

I smirked, as did everyone else, and thought "Ha. Got you, you ignorant little prick. You are going to say he is English. Not British. He is Scottish AND British." That is pretty much what the others thought. None of us were ready for the direction Motormouth went in.

MM went on "Connery is American!".

There was a collective silence for a few seconds. We all tried wrapping our minds around what the moron had just said.

"No, he is not America." Several of us said at the same time.

"He is an American. I read it somewhere. It is a fact."

Sarge lost it "You fucking moron. Connery is British. Every Bond has been British.How fucking stupid are you?"

Motormouth went into defend the indefensible mode. "No. Connery is American. Bond doesn't have to be British."

A lot of things were said at that point about the stupidity that is Motormouth. I said "Motormouth, Connery is Scottish. And British. How teh fuck could you think he is a Yank?"

His reply was "Well, I never watched the early Bond movies." This from a person that had started off by bragging he had every Bond movie. Nor could he say just where he got this nugget of "fact" about Connery being American. Sarge summed it up best when he said "MM, you just have to talk even when you don't know what you are talking about. You make stuff up. This is why people think you are a fucking idiot."

Motormouth actually compunded his folly later. One of the guys, Mike, will sometimes sing Opera while working. Opera is not my favourite genre of music but Mike does have a good voice for it. I just zone it out. As we are finishing up Mike is joking around and singing Justin Bieber's song "boyfriend" badly. (Can Bieber be sung any other way?) After a bit I jokingly tell him he should stick to Opera.

Motormouth had to chime in. "Yeah Mike. Stick to The Tenors and Mussolini."

I looked at him and said "Mussolini?"

"Yeah, isn't he an Opera singer?" replied MM. Once again, it is hard to believe, but that is what MM believed.

"Mussolini was an Italian dictator and fascist who sided with the Nazis in WW2. You did go to school didn't you?"

"Oh, I must have mixed him up with someone else."

"Or you are just an idiot taht can't shut up when he doesn't know he is talking about." said Sarge.

At times I think of what Duffman said. Motormouth is either a comedic genious doing this deliberately for laughs and getting away with it. Or he is a moron. I believe it is the latter. He just wants to be in every conversation, even when it isn't his business, and just says whatever comes to mind to be part of it.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Motormouth motors on.

One day on the drop we (Sarge, Donny, and myself) started talking about a shooting that took place the night before. Sarge mentioned he lived just outside 'The Hood', which he does, and heard of a few that happened there.

I mentioned that I had heard a street was renamed because of a shooting. Sarge told me about what happened. A drive by shooting on Churchill Drive left a little girl, Roleika, dead. The street was renamed after her.

Motormouth felt he had to chime in. He started going on about the shooting and how it happened on Montebello Road. Sarge corrected him. It happened on Churchill.

No no no. Motormouth knows all or at least thinks he does. Most people when faced with reality would admit defeat. Not Motormouth. He just keeps digging. (Reminds me of some internet fucktards.)

Sarge ened up saying "You really know nothing MM. It happened on CHURCHILL drive. CHURCHILL was renamed ROLEIKA to honour the dead girl. If it happened on Montebello why the fuck would they rename Churchill?"

Motormouth still hemmed and hawed a bit. Tried some backpedaling. Then one of the deaf guys told him to shut the fuck up and work.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mook of the Week

One of the reasons why Mook of the Week hasn't been around much is because I usually encounter them while driving and I don't take pictures while driving. Which brings me to my latest entry.

Stig was visiting for five days. We had a great time sadly it had to end and a Mook had to rear his ugly head.

We were driving to the airport. It was a very clear morning. 5:30 Am. No precipitation on the ground or in the air. Light cloud. The speed limit is 100 KPH. The mook in the lead is going between 65 and 75 KPH. What the hell?!?!?

The guy behind him, we were the 2nd car behind the mook, was frustrated. You could see him using his high beams. The only passing area available until you joined with the highway to the airport was short and of course traffic was coming in that lane so there was no window of opportunity to use it. A line of traffic was forming behind us.

Maybe the driver has problems driving at night. Whether a medical condition (night vision problems) or just plain nervousness. Regardless the solution is simple. DON'T FUCKING DRIVE AT NIGHT! You wonder why people lose their nut and do stupid things while driving? Assholes like this mook.

If I had been in a hurry I would have been more pissed off than I was. Suffice it to say that when the opportunity arose to pass the idiot I took it, held the position beside him, laid on the horn, then Stig and I both let the fucktard know we thought he was #1.

As we reached the speed limit, now 110 KPH, the fucktard quickly vanished. A long stream of cars were pointing back to his location like a giant glowing fuck finger. There must have been 12-15 cars that were stuck behind this mook.

I can only hope he goes to the LA freeways and drives like this. Or gets enough sense to stay the fuck off the roads.

Friday, November 16, 2012

What the ... gouging?!?!

According to the media oil prices will rise ... including gas and diesel prices ... because of hurricane Sandy. As far as I know New York and New Jersey are not, and have never been, oil producing states. So just how the hell are prices going up because Sandy hit them? It sounds like gouging as normal by the oil companies with the tacit approval of our Government.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What the ... democratic election?!?!?

I am watching CBC Newsworld and they are all agog over the "democratic" election of the  new "leader" of China. Democratic? Really? They really believe this is some sort of democratic election? Yes, Peoples Candidate #1 running against ... no one ... is being elected in a landslide. What a great show of democracy in action.

Jesus H. Christ. They have the obligatory Asian (Maybe even actually Chinese) "reporter" yammering on about the impending election of candidate #1.

Get over it, no matter how much you want to gloss shit over, China is NOT a democracy. No matter how hard you try having a congress of despots choose one of their own to be the new "democratic" leader does not REALLY make China a democracy.

Who they fuck are they trying to fool? The Chinese, us. or themselves?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What the ... salesmanship?!?!

I am at the airport early to pick Stig up. It is 5:40 AM. A body needs coffee. I go to the Tim Horton's and order a large with a shot of espresso. That is when things got a little weird.

The woman at the counter says "I find the espresso doesn't work."

Seriously? Was she trying to suggest I DON'T buy it? I know she was trying to make small talk but one would think that she wouldn't want to lose a sale or make a lesser one. Which is what would have happened if, based on her comment, I changed my mind and got one with the shot.

My reply was "Well, I like the taste." And I left it at that.

It reminded me of what happened when I went to get some film developed at Shopper's Drug Mart in August. I dropped off 3 rolls of film. The clerk then started lecturing me on how I should invest in a digital camera and stop using film. What, they don't want my business?

I told the guy while I appreciated his concern I like using 35mm film for some shots. I happen to own a digital camera and use it when I want to. Not when someone suggests it. Then I said "If you don't want me bringing film in to develop just say so. I can always go elsewhere."

His reply was to stutter a bit and say "No. We want your business. I was just suggesting it would be cheaper."

I replied "Thanks for worrying about my money for me. If the price was an object I wouldn't be using the film."

He dropped it at that point. As did I.

Really though, are these people trying to talk people out of being customers? Or out of a sale? Or into a lesser sale that they aren't looking for? It is one thing to offer friendly advice. It is another to try and talk someone out of a sale.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Some More Motormouth

You are walking down the hallway at the same time Motormouth is. He sees someone 30 or maybe even 40 feet away and at the top of his lungs shouts "Hi Buddy! How are you doing today buddy?"

They respond in a normal voice "Hi. Good."

Motormouth shouts back "So how are you are doing today? Good?"

They ignore him and keep walking.

He encounters someone entering the hallway about 6 feet away from him. He shouts " Hi John Lancaster! How is John doing today?"

John politely replies "Hi Motormouth." and continues on his way.

Thus started my day at work. Such is life when working around Motormouth. Everyday.

Mook of the Week

The Mook of the Week is a no brainer. (It is late though. I meant to post this a couple of days after the Bustard post.)

Shadia Lane aka the Cleveland Bustard.

She got into an argument with a bus driver. She hadn't put any money in and claimed she was still looking for it. The bus driver figured she didn't have it. Insanity ensued. While the bus was moving she physically attacked the driver. She pushed him a couple of times and at one point may have gone for his neck. WHILE THE BUS WAS MOVING. Finally, having had enough, the driver stopped the bus, got up, and gave her an uppercut that dropped her like a sack of flour. Then he threw her off the bus. She got up and went back into the bus to continue fighting him.

Now she is going to try and milk her stupidity for all she can. Odds are a lawsuit against the driver and the transit authority is in the future. It doesn't matter that she endangered the lives of everyone on the bus by attacking the driver while the bus was moving. She is the victim. At least in her world.

What a fucking mook.