Sunday, April 28, 2013

RBC: How A Fucktard Apologises.

Damn, I forgot I wrote this, and it is a tad ... alot ... out of date. But what the kimchi. :)

Gord Nixon, CEO of Royal Bank of Canada, has released an open letter to Canadians. NOW, he is sorry for the foreign worker controversy.

On Monday he brayed that RBC had done nothing wrong. It was all the fault of some company (iGATE) that RBC used to outsource work. As I said then TECHNICALLY he is right.

People saw that claim for the BS it is. Nixon tried to chickenshit his way out of any responsibility by using a technicality. Fucktard.

Mind you, he STILL tried to use the technicality to brush off the criticism.

"While we are compliant with the regulations, the debate has been about something else," Nixon wrote.

He is still trying to deflect responsibility while trying to tell people that he is listening to their concerns. Proof is in the pudding Gord. And people are watching you now.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

On Gun Control in the US.

A friend shared a meme on Facebook about gun control in the US.

It is pretty spot on.

I always had problems with people spewing out "Guns don't kill people. People kill people." It always seemed like they were missing a sentence such as "Guns just make it easier." at the end.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Shit Morons Say ... about cause and effect. 2

"The root cause of terrorism is terrorists."

This was said by Pierre Poilievre, a conservative mouth piece, speaking the party line on CBC Newsworlds Power and Politics tonight.

What a simplistic talking head he is. He makes Ralph Wiggam look like an Einstein.

Shit Morons Say ... about cause and effect. 1

"I think, though, this is not a time to commit sociology, if I can use an expression,"

P.M. Stephen Harper commenting on terror arrests while sniping at Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau was asked as the Boston bombing news was unfolding, by Peter Mansbridge, what he would do if he were P.M. of Canada at this time. He’d offer his condolences along with practical help. But he wouldn’t jump to conclusions. “Over the coming days,” he told Mansbridge, we should look for “root causes. We don’t know if it was terrorism or a single crazy or a domestic issue or a foreign issue — all those questions. But there is no question that this happened because of someone who feels completely excluded, at war with innocents.”

At the time he was ... right. We had NO IDEA if it was one person or a group. If it was Al Qaeda or a home grown (US) group. At THAT time we knew nothing and the authourities didn't know much more. Over the next few days more info came to light and in the end they id'd the pieces of shit that did the bombing. Killed one and caught the other.

Harper sounded a lot like ... George W. Bush and his cronies. I would rather have someone who doesn't jump to conclusions in charge instead of a moron.

Even the use of the phrase "this is not a time to commit sociology" smacks of the stupidity that used to come from the mouth of G.W. Bush. It makes me wonder if Harper has hired some of Bush's speech writers. Which shouldn't be surprising considering some of the BS that has come out of the Harper Government.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to find out the root causes of why people do things. Sometimes you will find something you can understand. Something you will find out you just can't understand them. It is looking for a reason for why things happen, not making an excuse.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Shit Morons Say ... because they are fucktards.

"They are victims."

I was listening to local talk radio on the drive home from work. The topic, no surprise, was Rehtaeh Parsons and the lack of justice. A woman called in who started going on about the poor rapists. People have judged them guilty already. Then she said something that made me do a double take.

I said to Sarge; "Did she say what I think she just said? Did she just call the rapists victims?!?!?!?"

Sarge nodded his head and said; "What a fucking stupid bitch!"

The rapists names are NOT public. It has been TWO YEARS since they started ruining Rehtaeh's life. Nothing has been done to them. People want them to face justice and not get away with their crime. To this dumb cow they are victims. Fuck me!

Victims? IF their lives end up ruined they are NOT victims. They are the are the REASON it happened. Because they got a young girl drunk, RAPED HER. TOOK PICTURES OF IT! Distributed at least one of them. And they are the victims? If their was real justice they would be charged with murder and not just rape.

Victims. Fuck off!

Much like the people who tormented her. They should face criminal charges for their behaviour. I have said for a long time that the way to deal with bullying is to treat it as a criminal offence of some sort. It is time to take real measures to end this bullshit.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Society Owes Rehtaeh Parsons but ...

Society owes Rehtaeh Parsons but ... it is too late. :(

It is hard to write this. I have read several stories about Rehtaeh Parsons, and heard them on TV, about her suicide and subsequent death. Her father wrote a blog post that I had to read several times before I was able to finish it. It just breaks my heart to see what she went through. What her family went through. The last lines of his post have been resonating in my head since I read them.

"My daughter wasn’t bullied to death, she was disappointed to death. Disappointed in people she thought she could trust, her school, and the police.

She was my daughter, but she was your daughter too.

For the love of God do something."

As a society we all failed her.  :(

How in the hell can she have gone what she did and no one be charged? The fucking pieces of shit circulated  a picture they took of her when raping her and NOTHING was done. All the hell she was put through and nothing was done.

Monsters at her school tormented her. Sent her texts asking for sex or calling her a slut. Sharing the rape picture. And nothing was done.

And where the hell are the parents of the rapists and the monsters? These pieces of shit deliberately got a young girl drunk. Raped her. Took pictures. And circulated them. And got away with it. Monsters (I refuse to call them students or kids they are monsters) tormented her. And got away with it. You think these damaged pieces of garbage won't cause more trouble for others in the future? They already learned that they could get away with it.

For two years she endured the hell until she couldn't take it any more. The "Justice" System failed her. The school system failed her. Society failed her.

Unfortunately, if things stay true to form, people will get all worked up about this and demand action then forget about it. Most people tend to have a short attention span for things. They will be in an uproar. Then calm down. Then forget about it until the next heinous act happens. Then they will be surprised it happened. (There are a lot of similarities with Amanda Todd being driven to suicide in B.C.)

Hopefully I will be proven wrong and we, as a society, will do something.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

RBC: The Tardery Continues.

The CBC interviewed the head of RBC, Gord Nixon, about the current scandal. He said;

"Firstly, RBC has not and does not hire any temporary foreign workers."

As the talking head on CBC pointed out "technically" he is right. They hired a firm, iGATE Corporation, that hired the foreign workers, and brought them to Canada. Foreign workers that are being trained to take over the jobs of Canadians. So yes, technically, Mr. Nixon is right. RBC did not directly hire these workers. Technically. Gotta love how people try to hide behind technicalities.

At a time banks continue to make record profits they claim they have to take cost saving measures, like outsourcing to other countries. Mr. Nixon got a raise last year. He went from making $10.1 MILLION dollars a year to $12.6 MILLION dollars a year. RBC's profit went from $4.85 BILLION in 2011 to $7.54 BILLION dollars in 2012. Yet they have to outsource these 45 IT jobs out of the country to save money. What a fucking joke.

Is it any wonder why people think bankers are just a bunch of thieves?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Royal Bank of Canada screws Canadians over.

After reading this article on CBC I am glad I chose to dump the Royal Bank of Canada as my bank of choice last year. 

It definitely looks like RBC has broken the rules on using foreign workers. Will the government do anything about it? Considering the tone the Conservatives take towards immigration you would think so. I doubt it though. As Bill Maher said 

"If you have a gun you can rob a bank but if you have a bank you can rob everyone."

Odds are RBC will get away with this. Please prove me wrong Harper Government.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

SiriusXM Satellite Radio

A couple of things came with my new car. One of them was SiriusXM Satellite Radio for a free 3 month trial. Now that the 3 months is coming near to its end they called me about buying it. I suppose if the bi-weekly mailings weren't enough to entice me to pay to continue they probably felt a phone call would work. Fucktards

First off they call at supper time. That is guaranteed to put me in a pissy mood before I even answer the phone.

The second problem, for them, is that I don't really like their product. I use my MP3 player for music so their music channels are useless to me. The only channel I use is the NHL Channel. One would think that if you were paying for a service you wouldn't have to put up with ads. Wrong. There are ads. Ads for things I am not interested in buying. Ads for other XM channels I am not interested in listening to.

One would also think that the NHL channel would stick to hockey. Unfortunately, wrong again. Their talking heads chatter about other sports from time to time. If I wanted to know how Tiger Woods is doing I would listen to the golf channel. Not the hockey channel. If I cared about the lead up to the Super Bowl I would listen to a football channel. You get the idea?

I just don't need their service and when my free trial runs out I won't miss it.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Shit People Say ... that makes you laugh.

I worked Good Friday. We are closed, but some people have to be there just in case. But I digress.

A co-worker and I decided to order pizza for supper. When it arrived I went out front to get it. As I was talking with the delivery driver someone drove up. He rolled down his window and shouted "So, you are open?"

Before I could say anything the pizza delivery guy snarled. "They are closed. It is Good Friday, you dumb bastard!"

I was gobsmacked. I wanted to laugh but knew I shouldn't. I bit my lip. The mook rolled up his window and drove off. The delivery guy gave me a damn good pizza, and a chuckle.