Wednesday, June 5, 2013

John Carter

I grew up reading the John Carter books by Edgar Rice Burroughs.  (Along with Tarzan and most other works he produced.) I read the comics. Hell, I even played the strategy board game. So when I heard a movie came out I was excited. Life kept me busy and I never got to watch it until two nights ago.

I had heard the critics panned it. No one I knew had actually seen it. I figured what the hell. DL and watch it.

It wasn't that bad. It wasn't a great movie. It was disappointing in many ways. Yet it wasn't that bad. Not as bad a the critics made it out to be. My main problems with it;

It changed the initial book/story too much.

The Tharks didn't look muscular or tall enough.

The tattoos instead of armbands/jewelry.

Little things like that.

Overall, it is worth watching if you don't have anything to better to do.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Crack in the Ford Case

CBC NewsWorld just reported that the much touted video showing Rob Ford smoking crack is gone. The head of Gawker, the head Gawker?, has been heard from. According to his go between with the video owners it no longer exists. It is gone. If it ever existed.

We have the word of three "reporters" that the video existed and Ford was on it. Yet no video. The Gawker has raised over $200,000 to buy the video which now can't be found.

Bravo media fucktards. I refuse to refer to them as reporters any more. You ran your mouths off without having the actual video in your possession to back you up. You have set yourselves up for a nasty libel suit that you should lose. You tarred a man's reputation with no proof ... just your "word" that the video is real and Ford is really in it. And people wonder why the media has a bad name?

I am not a Ford fan but I don't like to see shit like this happen. The Gawker should be forced to donate the money they raised to the charity of Rob Ford's choice at the LEAST.

I hope he sues the fucktards.