Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What the ... national news?!?!?

A "cautious" Calgary doctor also know as a daredevil that lived for adrenaline rushes died base jumping in Arizona. Why the fuck should I care? Why the fuck is it NATIONAL news?!?!?

Not to denigrate or diminish how his family and friends feel but why the hell would this be considered national news? CTV, CBC, The National Post, even METRO for the Halifax area is carrying this story.

To add to the inanity of the story you have this report:

‘‘A rescue helicopter … located Dave’s body and confirmed he had died from massive injuries resulting from impacting rocks at high speed. "

They REALLY had to elaborate on that? They needed confirmation that he died from massive injuries due to hitting rocks and a high speed? Were they thinking maybe his death resulted because of being hit by a car in mid air? Media fucktards.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fun With Telemarketers 1

I had a call from 1-604-251-1333 a few minutes ago. The message that played said that they were calling about my credit card. Everything is ok with it BUT this is my second and final warning that they can help me with the interest rates. They won't be offering their help much longer.

It is interesting that every time these ass hats call it is always the second and final warning. :) They have called a couple of times in the past and we always hang up on them. Today, I was bored and decided to have some fun with them. :)

You are told to press 1 for an operator or 2 to be removed from their list. Pressing 2 never works of course. I pressed one and was almost immediately greeted by an East-Indian sounding gentleman.

He started off with a "Good day to you sir. I will be able to help you lower your interest rates." (It helps if you imagine Apu from the Simpsons as the voice of the caller.)

I replied "Good. What bank are you with?"

"Sir, I work for a company that can lower your credit card interest rates. Your current rate can be lowered by 10%."

I cut him off and said "You aren't with a bank? How do you know my interest rate?"

"My company can help you lower your rate."

"Wait a minute. The message that played said you KNEW my credit card information and that everything is ok with my card. If you don't work for my bank how can you know that?"

"Sir we help people lower ..."

I cut him off again "I asked how you know anything about my credit card. My next call may have to be to the police."

"Sir, if we can ..."

"I have a question for you."

"What is your question sir?"

"How many times a day do you get told to go fuck yourself?"

He hung up on me. :)

I actually find myself hoping another telemarketer or scammer calls.