Monday, December 29, 2014

What the ... Judd?!?!?

Who the fuck is Judd Apatow and why should I care about what he has to say? Ok, Facebook thinks I would be ingterested vis-a-vis trending to know wh he is.

According to trending Judd Apatow is upset that Canadian venues haven't cancelled Bill Cosby and is severely pissed off. Yet I still find it hard to care.

Then I found out, thanks to Wikipedia, that "he is an American film producer, director, comedian, actor, and screenwriter. He is best known for his work in comedy films ..." Yet I still don't give a shit what he thinks about just abut anything.Ooops, sorry. I actually don't care what he thinks about anything. Fucking "celebs" and the media that panders to them, who think that what is going through their minds, or moths, really matters. As a wise man once said "Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one." And my add on " ... but some stink more than others."

You are welcome to your opinion Mr. Apatow but as FOX news is so quick to point out, unless it benefits a "liberal", people are innocent until proven guilty. Unless we are in the USSR or "Emperor" Obama's land according to the 'right'.

Meh. Fuck it.

No More Motormouth.

Motormouth. Damn he was one annoying fucktard. He exemplified a lot of what makes a fucktard. At times he made work unbearable. I actually had to go to HR about him. However, he has done something I never expected. Something you rarely see in people. He has changed. For the better.

After what happened with HR you could see him trying to change his ways. In the last year and a half or so he has really grown up. I actually enjoy working with him now. Something I never thought I would say.

Most people don't change, usually because they don't really try. Motormouth, and this is the last time I will refer to him as that, changed. For that I give him a LOT of credit.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Jean Beliveau

I wish I could say I remember watching Jean Beliveau play hockey. I definitely watched hockey then and cheered for Montreal. However, I was 6 when he retired and can't truthfully say I remember him as a player. :( I wish I could.

Jean Beliveau died last week. He is one of the VERY VERY few people I have heard others talk about and they had NOTHING bad to say about him. I remember him more as a retired representative of the Montreal Canadiens. He was pure class. According to those who knew him when he played the same was true. Players from all over the NHL were told that if they wanted to be the best for their team they would do well to emulate Beliveau.

I watched the opening ceremony of the game tonight. It started about 15 minutes ago. Montreal got it right. Their tribute was spot on. Having the chair he always sat in at the Bell Centre ...  I almost typed The Forum (and it will always be The Forum to me) ... draped with his number and The Habs colours was perfect. I cried. His wife was there, along with other family members. The crowd honoured him, and thereby them. I cried. The farewell was almost as classy as Jean Beliveau was and always will be.

I am not a big fan of televised funerals. I wish I could be in Montreal tomorrow to express my grief at the loss of Jean Beliveau. My gratitude at all he gave to his sport and his country. His family is in my thoughts, and he will ALWAYS be there.

Thank you for all you did on the ice and off. You will always be remembered.

What the ... Christmas envy?!?!?

It turns out that Halifax City Councillors have $93,000 in discretionary funds to use every year. Funds that of course come from our tax dollars. It is supposed to be used for capital developments and infrastructure developments. Things like parks, playgrounds, maintenance of common areas.

One Councillor, Brad Johns of Sackville, decided to use $25,000 of his to get an animatronic talking Christmas tree for Sackville. He compares it to Woody the Talking Christmas tree. The difference being Private funds were used to purchase and maintain Woody at Mic Mac Mall. Johns used public money.

At a time when there are a lot of people who could use monetary help Johns wastes public money on this. There was just a story in the news about an elderly woman in Metro who couldn't afford her prescriptions. More people are using food banks. But hey, lets waste $25 - fucking - thousand dollars on a damn animatronic tree.Why?

Well, according to Johns it is only right. Halifax has the parade of lights. Spryfield has a Santa Claus parade. Various areas have tree lighting events. So of course spending $25,000 on a Christmas tree is a great idea.

I have heard of penis envy but this is a first for Christmas envy.