Tuesday, September 29, 2015

What the ... back story?!?!?

This could also be titled "Am I an asshole?"

I was on my way to the beach for a walk with my dog. I saw a car stopped with the engine hood up by a stop sign where I normally turn. I stopped and asked if they need a phone to call for help.

The guy started going on about how the clutched was fucked yadda yadda.

I repeated so you don't need a phone or help?

"No. I don't need a phone or help." he said. "The clutch yadda yadda ..."

I cut him off and said "Ok, you don't need help. I don't need your life story. Have a good day." And drove off.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Facebook wants my input!

I logged on to Facebook today to see a message on the right hand side of the page from Facebook. According to the message they want they want to know what I think. Of course this meant that other than to answer their stupid questions in 1 of the 3 ways they allow was the ONLY way to give your view.

The questions? You get 2 images of posts that have actually appeared on your Facebook page and have to choose one or the other or you can select "Can't Decide". Wow, how could that go wrong? Well, I had the same images show up AGAINST each other several times. The only thing changed was their position on the right or the left. I had one image show up THREE times to be judged against other images.

Unfortunately, there was no way to tell Facebook through this piece of shit what I actually felt about anything Facebook related. Facebook actually failed to find out what I think about anything by this craptastic exercise in finding out what users think.

Yet another Facebook fail.

If you really want to know what I think about anything how about giving me the means to type out what I think and send it to someone who works for Facebook?


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Telemarketers for Canadian Police Association

Here is a copy of an email I just sent to the Canadian Police Association.


This morning a woman called from 1-902-709-8749 looking for me. She said she was calling on behalf of the Canadian Police Association. I was out and my Mother answered the phone.

The woman was informed that I wasn't home and started her spiel on my Mother. My mother is 83 and on a fixed income and advised her that she can't afford anything extra. At this point YOUR REPRESENTATIVE became very insulting. She started insisting that my Mother had contributed in the past and started citing past donations that I HAD MADE. My mother found YOUR REPRESENTATIVES tone and words to be very demeaning. At one point the woman made a snarky comment along the lines of "oh, your son must have to handle your money for you". The call ended soon after that with the woman saying she would call back later today for me.  God damn I hope she calls because I have got some words for her to hear and then I will be blocking your number.

I tried call 1-902-709-8749 to have a chat with someone there but it doesn't allow for incoming calls. Must be nice.

So here is where I stand right now. I have donated money to the Association every year for at least the last 4 years. I was happy to because I knew it was going to a good cause. Now, after my Mother got treated like that, I won't be donating again for at least a year. You can take me off your call list. I will find another cause or donate to anti-bullying through the RCMP. In a year, if I haven’t been bothered with calls, I will review my decision.

When these people, telemarketers, call people they are representing you. When they are insulting to people it reflects on your Association. You REALLY need to choose better people to represent you.

Sincerely, and still pissed off,

P.S. I don’t want an apology, especially from the woman who acted this way. A forced apology means nothing. Actions speak louder. If my request is honoured I may just start donating again in a year.
Fucking telemarketers calling for Charities. It makes me wonder just how much of my donations the CPA was actually getting.

Monday, September 21, 2015

What the ... Spoofer?!?!?

I feel sorry for the person that really owns and uses 1-902-435-5731. Some asshole is spoofing it as their number to make badly thought out scam calls from.

I had a call from that number tonight info and because it seemed local I answered it. What I got was a recorded spiel about them calling for Air Canada (fuck off asshole) with a great deal for me. You had the choice of hitting 1 for more of their craptastic bullshit or 2 to be put on their do not call list. More BS from scammers.

I hit 1 to shout at someone. I mean I hit 1 to see what would happen.

Someone with a horrible East Indian accent immediately started pushing their scam. They understood enough English to hang up after my 3rd fuck off. Fucking morons.

When I traced the number online it showed up as a real number here. Damn I feel sorry for that person. They must get a lot of hate calls because of the assholes spoofing them.

Fucking scamming assholes. Next time they call I am going to play with them. :)

Star Trek 2: Reboot Boogaloo.

I watched the reboot of Star Trek for the first time since it came out in 2009. I saw it in a theatre in South Korea then. It was a good action movie, unfortunately, I was just so tired of reboots then that I wished they did something original. That tainted my enjoyment of it. If I hadn't seen all the Star Trek stuff before it I probably would have enjoyed it But I had. And it tried to be original but wasn't yet was. I would have preferred they just started off with new people and a new idea. so I didn't like it ... then.

I watched it on Showcase last week and saw it in a new light, 6 years later. I judged it on it's own merits and liked it. This time I was able to hold back my distaste for reboots and watch it.

Now I am watching the 2nd movie in the reboot series. It starts off right. Kirk ignoring the Prime Directive and Spock wanting to abide by it. :)

Once again my distaste for reboots started rearing its ugly head. Or noble head depending on how much you like reboots. They did the reboot shit in the first movie. They set a new path. Why bother rebooting more stuff? Take a new direction.

Yet, I am still enjoying the movie. :)

Kirk breaks the Prime Directive. Nothing new. He gets sent back to Starfleet Academy? Something new.

I am almost 20 minutes into the movie but I find my old prejudices about reboots coming out. WTF? There goes London! What?!?!?

Kirk drinking whiskey and listening to the blues? I can relate to that. :) Feeling better about the movie.

Interesting twist. Kirk back as 1st Officer.

"Where I come from if someone saves you don't stab them in the back." Well said.

And when assembled Kirk is right yet again. :)

Damn Pike is all kinds of fucked up. Much like the original show.

No Spock don't do it. Do it. Don't do it. Do it. Fuck, you did it.

Ok Pike is more fucked up than the original.

Interesting turn of events but it is still just a reboot of Kirk vs Khan.

God damn! Section 31!!!!

The crew interaction is damn good. And Wallis (or Wallace) is the next Kirk Conquest and betrayal.

Damn he accepted Scott's resignation!!!???

I am really liking this ... reboot. Damn!?!?!?

"Ears burning?" Heh.

Put on a red shirt? Fuck! That is consigning Chekov to death! A red shirt. Damn! It is a reboot so they could kill him off. Will they?!?!?

Ok, hot blonde Science Officer Kirk wants to shtup is definitely Section 31. And up to no good.

Go get her Spock! Dr. Marcus?!?!? Wait ... rebooooooooooooot!
Heh heh heh ... new Chekov. :)

New Sulu is good but damn George Takei is better!!!!!!!

Is Kirk picking off Section 31 people?

"Mr. Sulu. Remind me to never piss you off." HAHAHAHAHA!!!

The chase scene reminds me of the Falcon in Star Wars. DAMN!!!

Go Uhuru!!!!

No one wants the wrath of Uhuru! Not even the Klingons! Ok didn't see that coming.

Or that. Or the helo sort of rappeling thing.

Spock lied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quite the surrender.

I like the Spock-Uhuru thing. :)

23174611 ... I am waiting.

"I can give you 72 and they are aboard your ship." Damn!

"Are you out of your corn fed mind?" Heh :)

"I once performed a C-section on a pregnant Gorn." HAHAHAHAH!!!!

Go Jim Go!!!!!!!!!


What the reverse!?!?!?

Oh yeah ... Spock is pissed! KHANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God damn what a twist!!!!!

I like it!!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

What the ... singer?!?!?!?

Holy shit. Both are horrendus on so many levels. But which is worse?

Ken Lee is pretty fucking bad but Tuts My Barreh spent money on it and could have spent more to be better. It is hard to say which is worse. Hell, both fucking haunt me.

It Follows

Tonight is a Port night and I am watching It Follows.

It opens with ... bitch running away from anything in heels is just stupid ... a woman running away from something. Ditch the heels and pick up some speed! But I digress.

So she runs back into the house she ran out of and runs back out and into her car. I am starting to feel bored already.

Sitting at the beach with her car lights ... holy shit that is one contorted corpse!

And now on to the main character.

"How cool would it be to have your whole life ahead of you." Nice.

Sex in a car to strapped out of it in a chair. Strange.

So he fucked her and this thing that has been following him will now follow her. The title makes sense all of a sudden.

"Sleep with someone as soon as you can. If it kills you it will come after me." Damn. Self serving and still ... damn.

And she starts seeing things ... or people.

Interesting premise.

Damn. This isn't just some fucked up game.

It has me watching. It has me thinking. It has me engaged in the movie.


So she fucked someone else ... who lives across the street. And it is after him. Which means it will then come for her.

And it does.

Really? It bleeds?

And she passes it on ... and he looks for a hooker. :)

Not bad. It makes you think and is worth a watch.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Fucking mooks!!!!!

I am so fucking angry right now. I had to hug my dog and stop crying I am so angry. And I couldn't stop crying.

Some pieces of shit in Ireland couldn't get a pound to take their dog so they shot him in the face, blinding him, to get rid of him. Jesus H fucking Christ. Let him loose to run wild like the assholes I knew in Cape Breton. Blinding him? Fuck.

I would take him in NOW if I could.

I would fucking castrate the assholes with a spoon if I could.

But I can't stop crying.


And they wonder why I don't like people.

People are fucking mooks in the truest sense of the word.

I have to stop typing and hug my dog again.

Fucking mooks.


Tonight I am watching Saw. It was recommended by 2 friends. I thought it was just your basic slasher flick but I was wrong. So wrong.

There is a lot more depth  to it. A serial killer is killing off people who prove they are unworthy to live. Or rather who are ungrateful to be alive.

It starts off with 2 men chained in a room. I knew what the hacksaws were meant for right off the bat. It was pretty obvious. Or was it? :)

I liked this movie a lot. It made me think. It made me guess. It made me watch. It made me focus and not type. It made me rewatch to see what I missed. Not a lot of movies do that.

It is REALLY worth watching. Dunno about the rest of the Saw movies but the first is damn good.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Tonight I am sipping 40 Creek and watching Kingsman: The Secret Service. Off the bat I can't remember if it is an action movie or a comedy. Or an actomedy a la Get Smart.

Nice opening. A ghetto blaster in 97. I used to own a blaster that looked like that ... in the 80's. :)

Interesting start to the movie. The sacrifice for Queen and Country.

Ah ... the kid is a legacy.

And now back to the future which is the present.

Nice action scene. And there is Scotch. Mmmmm. 1962 Dalmore. It would be a pity to spill any. :) Ok ... this is all kinds of fucked up. But it works. Sort of. Kind of. Maybe. Yeah, it does because Samuel L "Mother Fucking" Jackson is in the movie!

One of the things I love about Samuel L. Jackson is that he isn't afraid to take on the role of a bad guy.

Ok, back to the movie. 11:51 in and it is interesting. The ground work has been set. You know the kid is going to be the next Kingsman. The next Lancelot.

The whole Knights of the Round Table is fitting for the Secret Service.

The reverse car chase is pretty good. The end of it was predictable. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that he was put into the situation to get him to join. A la Remo Williams.

Just because the father is a good man doesn't mean the son is or will be. But he will be given a chance. Heh ... always someone else's fault. That is pretty much people today.

"Manners maketh man." I like that. I know what it means. :) Damn. Nice fight scene.

Iggy Azalea made it into the movie?!?!? Damn.

Interesting way they got the funding. Makes sense.

Not enough violence yet. Some great actions scenes but I am in the mood for violence. :) Ok now the race to be the net Lancelot begins. I expect the violence to arrive soon.

Every time they show Samuel L Jackson's character I just refuse to hear the lisp. It makes him more serious. :)

Damn. That is some serious weeding out process. I like it.

OK, 40 minutes in and I am liking this movie.

And there is Eggsies (sp?) reason to thrive.

And the lead in is becoming tiresome.

Still ignoring ... or trying to ... Jackson's lisp. It is easier not to take his character seriously.

Thank you for such a ... happy meal. :)

Ok the McDonalds shit is over the top. That is just too cruel! ;)

Eggy needs to throw the fucking hat away.

"Being a gentleman has nothing to do with ones birth. Being a gentleman is something one learns." Well said. Not enough gentlemen in the world today.

True nobility is being superior to your former self. Once again well said.

As in locked up. Yeah, I have trouble understanding him too.

I am glad I am wrong but ... about the dog ... yeah shoot him. Ok I wasn't wrong ... at the moment. Fuck it. Shoot them all. If he doesn't fix it .. fuck.

Merica! Fuck yeah! Ok too facetious. But it is what it is. ;)

This is mine ... I will show you yours. ;)

The heads blowing up!!! Bwahahahahahahahaha!

All in all, I liked it. SLJ was not the best choice for the villain. Not because he lacks ability, but rather the villain was too meek.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

What the ... stand in?!?!?!?

Just when you think Harper and his people can't be any more moronic they manage to surprise.

On Tuesday, Irving Shipyard in Halifax started production of the 1st Offshore Arctic Patrol Ship the Harry DeWolf. The Harperites decided he should share in the news so made up a video of him promoting the program and his party. They shot one of him talking with a bridge in the background. What could the problem be?

The background is the problem. The idiots try to make you think it is Halifax when it is really Johnstown, Ontario. There is a bridge there that looks similar to the Halifax bridges, depending on the view used.

Hell, the guy who likes to wrap himself in the Canadian flag isn't even using a Canadian bridge in the background! It is actually the Ogdensburg–Prescott International Bridge, a U.S.-owned suspension bridge over the St. Lawrence river that connects Ogdensburg, New York to Johnstown, Ontario. Way to go Harper!

What a bunch of fucktards. Sure, it isn't always possible to do your video from where you want but why try faking it?!?!?!? Just do it in front of Parliament. In your office. At the PM's residence.

Why be honest when you can try and fake it. After all it was Harper who said;

“You’re a journalist, and we all know journalists make bad politicians. Politicians know how to stick to a message. That’s how they are successful. Journalists think they always have to tell the truth.”

Why bother with the truth when you have a message to get out.

Vote anything but Conservative! Lets kick this lying ass and his party out of power!