Saturday, December 10, 2016

I can be a dick.

It is easy to be a dick. I can be one. You can be one. Sometimes all it takes is the right mixture of bullshit.

I am at a new job now. When I was a Relief Supervisor at my old one I had the opportunity to not be a dick or to be one. I chose to be a dick. And I say that with no compunction. I CHOSE to be a dick.

We had a fucking skewed chain of command at my old job. 4 managers, including the overall head of Security, 2 supervisors, and 1 relief supervisor, me. I have NEVER worked at a place that had managers out numbering supervisors until that job. Hell, I want to say ,not to toot my own horn but fuck I am tooting it, when I quit they had to hire TWO RELIEF SUPERVISORS to do the job that I did.  Yet the 2nd in charge couldn't understand when I told him the job was burning me out. But I digress.

So, I was waiting for the call for my new job when, let's call him Richard, said something really strange.

Richard "Do you and Glenn (The fictitious name I give to the then head of our department.) have some kind of arrangement?"

Me "What?!?!?!?"

Dick: "Well you haven't talked about your new job or starting it so I was wondering if you and Glenn came to some sort of arrangement and he promised you a full supervisor job when I get let go."

This was SO fucking out of left field that I didn't know how to respond at first. So I went with the truth, which is usually the best option.

"No, DICK, I just haven't heard anything about when I start the new job. I have the new job I just don't know when training starts. Which is why I had nothing to say about it. There is nothing to say."

Richard "Oh. I see."

He had been acting like a real wanker lately and annoyed  everyone. So I took the opportunity to be a dick: "So, why bring this up? Worried about being let go?"

Richard "Ummm."

Me "You should be. When is your 20th anniversary with the company?"

Richard "May 15th."

Me "You will be let go before then. So stop worrying about it. You want the package that comes with being let go any way."

I was right. He was let go a few days before his 20th anniversary of starting work with the company. I hadn't planned on being a dick but he was just so fucking annoying that I couldn't help myself.

The company we worked for had a long line of people they fired/let go right after their 20th anniversary with them. One poor schlub had his 20th anniversary party on a Wednesday night and on the Thursday he showed up for work to be told he had no job any more.

So, I was a dick but god damn I was also right.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

What the ... right wingnut?!?!?!?

A friend left a comment on this so it showed up on my Facebook feed. I endorse and support my friends comment of "Hate and will not share." while these twats are looking for likes and shares.

"Concealed Carry Canada. Please like and share to show your support for Canadians to be able to defends themselves." Seriously? This is the battle you choose to fight with this meme?

The comparative stats just do NOT add up to making this something to fight for. If anything it could make an argument for stricter gun laws in the USA. And by stricter they would only be considered strict by the NRA and right wingnuts. You know strange ideas like if someone ha mental issues they can't get a gun. Oh so strict.

Mind you, as I said in the title of this post, right wingnuts are involved. The twats that run this Facebook page are Trump boosters. So the fact they are around the twist comes as no surprise.

The Unified Conservative Movement of Canada? Real Conservatives in Canada would simply consider you a bowel movement and nothing more. A more bitter version of the Reform Party that turned the Conservatives into the CRAP (Conservative Reform Alliance Party). Keep your bat shit south of the border fucktards. It isn't wanted here.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Return of the Telefucktards.

Just got a call from 1-613-521-0415 a new number for the old fucktards who annoy with calls to help with your credit card debt. Their number gets blocked as they call which usually gives a few months respite until they start using another one.

It is the same old BS. "We have tried reaching you several times. This is the final time this will be offered. We can help you with your credit card debt. Dial 1 to take advantage of this offer. Dial 2 to be removed from our list and lose out on this offer."

Knowing that hitting 2 is useless and just lets them know they have a live number I usually hang up and block the number. Today I hit 1 and when the guy started his spiel interrupted and said "It doesn't matter how many times you switch your number it gets blocked asshole." He hung up. I blocked the number. I give it 3 months before I get another call.

It makes me wonder just how many times these twats find a sucker to fleece. Enough to make it profitable I guess.

Friday, June 17, 2016


Tonight I am watching Inception based on the reccomendation of a co-worker. We were talking about waking dreams and things like that and he said I should watch this. So I am.

Damn. Strike one. Leonardo DiCaprio is in the movie. Not a big fan of his.

Interesting concept/premise. Good execution. so far.

I like how they got him out of the dream. :)

A dream within a dream? They should be playing The Alan Parsons Project. :)

Heh ... snitches get stitches!

Ok, the concept of inception is interesting.

Can't ... walk ... away. Even with no guarantee.

Ariadne? Interesting name if you know anything about Greek mythology.

26 minutes in I am wondering if he is still in a dream state or not. It affects how you see the movie.

And she is dreaming. Cool.

I am liking it so far. Even if Leo DeCraprio is in it.

Damn this really is interesting. She can mess with my physics any day. :)

So, inception is possible just bloody difficult.

Ok, this is a bizarre chase sequence. He must be dreaming.

Once again. A dream within a dream. Three levels this time.

Still interesting.

"They come to be woken up. The dream has become their reality."

I am liking it so far at the 53 minute mark.

"I bought the airline." Hahahahaha!!!!!

I am still thinking that this might be the 4th or 5th level of a dream. Damn. I like this. :)

The dream was hijacked? Sweet!

This movie is both suspending my disbelief and holding my interest. Watch it!

Holy shit!

Limbo. Damn.

I still think he is working Saito.

A dream within a dream.

"It is like trying to remember a dream after you have woken up."

0k fight! Boo Yah!!!!!!!

"An idea is like a virus."



Oh yeah. Worth watching. :)

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Big Trouble in Little China

Tonigh I am re-watching Big Trouble in Little China. Without any other rambling WATCH IT! It is worth watching! Did you watch it? Why not?

It starts off great, with Egg and his lawyer, and just gets better from there.

What would Jack Burton do? He would watch this movie!!!! Besides that it's all in the reflexes. :)

"Have you paid your dies Jack? Yes sir. The cheque is in the mail." 

Damn I am only 3 minutes 45 seconds in and already this movie is entertaining me to the point that I may just stop typing and enjoy it.

And I did.

"It's all in the reflexes." :)

I could be 5 minutes in or 30 it wouldn't matter. This is a great movie for so many reasons. Comedy. Drama. Action. You need to watch it. I am watching it for the umpteenth time and I know I will end up watching it again. And again. And again. :)

"Son of a bitch must pay!"

Oops. Watch it! :)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Seventh Son

Tonight I am watching Seventh Son. I have no idea why I picked it because I know nothing about it. Ok, that isn't completely true, I know the mythos around the 7th son of the 7th Son, and the Iron Maiden album about it. :) Hopefully it doesn't let me down.

It starts out ... meh ... he leaves her there. Not an auspicious beginning. And then .... ummm yeah. Not making me want to watch it much further. It better get ... better.

"This won't be an execution merely an education." heh ... who just got schooled? :) Ok. This peeks my interest a little. Just a little.

"The trick is not to spill." And long have I laboured to learn that trick. :)

Meh it is looking like the TV show Grimm, which I love, on the silver screen. So far I would rather be watching Grimm.

God damn I would love to boogie the night away with Julianne Moore. Or maybe not after she transforms. ;)

So why didn't Gregory just cover her cage in silver? Or her? Damn. Didn't think the squire would die so soon.

Still, Meh.

And now, 12 min in, we see the 7th son. Still meh so far.

Damn. Sir Gregory is such an ass I am hoping the witch wins.

Listen to your mother. Mother's know.

"Keep him safe!"
"Alas good lady, that is a vow I cannot make."
True dat!

"So what are you going to do with me apprentice?" Heh ... starting to like the movie. ;)

"When you address me address me as ..." Oh fuck off you old sot!

I am kind of enjoying the movie.

"Could be useful. Not the passing out part but the visions." heh ... good line.

Damn. Only 27 minutes have passed?

"Show me what you are!"

I am 33 minutes in and am still having a hard time giving a fuck about this movie.

"Missed." Ok better.

So, he doesn't have a lot of time to teach him. I get it now.

"That is disgusting. What does that kill?"

Ok. Alice makes it more interesting.

So it is only 42 minutes in and it is still meh.

"If it is anything less than O'Bama we are on our way." Really? Did I hear that right?


So he turns her. Meh. Not a horrible movie. Not a good one. Watch it if you want to.

What the ... interruption?!?!?!?

I hate pop ups. They are usually annoying ads. Or stupid warnings. Facebook uses them too. Today, as I was sharing a video post something from Facebook popped up.

Why the fuck do I need a pop up from Facebook about my setting? I set the fucking thing. I know what it is. I know what it is set for. Of course it hasn't been fucking changed recently because it is set to what I want. Surely to god Facebook can find something better to pester people about.

So I choose the skip option and what do I get?

Another fucking pop up just to let me know that they left the setting at what I set it for. Considering I never changed it that is neither a surprise or pop-up worthy. Thank you so much for allowing me to leave it on the setting I chose.

If you want to do something constructive actually allow people to tell you what they think/want in their own words when you ask for input.

Facebook you continue to fail to impress me. However, you do provide fodder. :)

"Snopesing" things.

I almost didn't make my post about the quote some morons wrongly attribute to Wilfred Laurier. While Snopes is a great tool I find that a lot of the people using it can come off as tools.

There is a segment of the population that seems to get off on proving people wrong. They will use Snopes on just about anything people post prove them wrong. In some cases it is deserved, in others maybe not so much.

I have had it done to me. What made it even more pathetic is that it was the ONLY thing the person had commented on (on my Facebook page) in over 5 years. That is kind of pathetic in and of itself and served to let me know it was time to prune the "friendship" tree.

Kind of like the Facebook friend who got all huffy and had to answer a meme I shared about money being the root of all evil. He started off sanely enough, trying to claim it wasn't in the bible. Then, when called on it by another friend of mine (let's call him Hatamoto), went to troll level insanity pretty quickly. He tried parsing words by saying it was not said exactly that way. Then lit into how much of a danger Hatamoto must be to others. Nonsense like that. Hatamoto handled it well and pretty much trolled the troll until he gave up. It was great to read. :)

But I digress.

It is kind of like only tearing someone apart for their grammar or spelling. I have done it in the past, odds are I will do it again in the future, but when I do it I KNOW I am doing it just to be a dick and annoy the person. I actually could have pointed out the poor spelling skills of some of those  who came out in support of Mr. East in the Laurier quote post. But I didn't because there was more than enough stupidity to address. This is what I feel a lot of those who just have to use snopes to show someone how wrong they are remind me of.

Oops digressing again.

Damn. My train of thought got derailed. Snopes good but can be used for evil. Remember what Ben Parker said "With great power comes great responsibility." :)

Sunday, April 24, 2016

What the ... Laurierism?!?!?!?

A friend shared something on Facebook from some mook named Rob East. Actually it was something he shared, of something a friend shared, that a friend shared, that Rob East made available. Oh what a tangled web we weave ... but I am getting ahead of myself.

Mr. East posted a photo of a quote to Wilfred Laurier in 2015. All it took was reading the first sentence, Mr. East's opening and only comment, for me to call bullshit on it. He wrote;

"I AM CANADIAN ... maybe we should remember the words of our founding fathers." 

Canadian? Really? Ok, we do have our share of fuckwits in Canada and a lot of morons. He could be Canadian and a prime example of either of those. Or maybe he is an American.

Founding fathers?!?!?!? Really?!?!? THAT sounds like something an American would say. Not a Canadian. In Canada we have The Fathers of Confederation. NOT founding fathers. On top of that, Laurier was NOT one of them.

He then went on to post the statement attributed to Laurier. A statement which had a huge glaring error in it. Can you pick out the error?

Did you see it? In the last half of the statement? Yeah, this one.

"We have room for only one flag, the Canadian flag."

BAARRRRRRRRRRP! Canadian Flag? In 1907? The Canadian flag was NOT adopted until 1965! Until then we flew the Union Jack aka The United Kingdom Union Flag.

The whole statement sounds more like something an American would say. Thanks to the miracle of the internet and a handy site called Snopes it was easy to find out who this statement belongs to. In it's original form and not what Mr. East bastardized it into (or someone else did and Mr. East didn't bother attributing it to them) it was made by ... Theodore Roosevelt. A search on Snopes using Laurier showed that.

A google search then showed that this piece of BS, the quote not Mr. East, has been around the internet since at least 2012. Maybe longer. Which means Mr. East was just passing on the BS without showing where he found it.

Good try Mr. East but I smelled the bullshit from the start.

Then you have the twat waffles in the comment section.

The fucking moron who said she AGREES "n"  does so without prejudice. Which is codespeak for I am a fucking racist.  Nice try asshole.

Or The last commenter who really doesn't know anything about Laurier. She was right he is a Canadian through and through but if she believes this piece of tripe was really him she has NO idea what a Canadian is, let alone who Laurier was.

Morons do seem to attract morons.

Monday, April 11, 2016

What the ... resemblance?!?!?

Say it isn't so fucktardbook ... I mean Facebook. Your trending really finds it necessary to tell me that there is a resemblance between Arnold Schwarzenegger and his son by the maid?

Wow. I would never have thought a father and son could resemble each other.

Is there a special rule for a son who is born from someone who is not the wife of the person?


Seriously Facebook. Fuck off with your trending bullshit.

Friday, March 4, 2016

What the ... rule change?!?!?

I have been rereading "The Montreal Canadiens: 100 Years of Glory" by D'Arcy Jenish, that my best friend Stig gave me one Christmas. It was put together from newspaper stories and some other 1st hand sources. Fantastic read. But I digress.

In the chapter about the 1955-1964 Seasons I read a bit about the effect of the 2 Minute Penalty being changed. Until 1956 a player had to remain in the penalty box for the FULL 2 minutes. That is what happens now for a 5 minute penalty. It was changed after the 1955-56 Season basically because the Canadiens were unstoppable.

The Canadiens were a force to recon with back then. They dominated the NHL. The players were so talented that their third and fourth lines could be a 1st line on other teams. Keep in mind there were only 6 teams in the NHL then. The Canadiens frequently scored multiple goals on one power play. One of the most famous incidents happened on November 5, 1955, Jean BĂ©liveau scored three goals in 44 seconds, all on the same power play, resulting in a 4–2 victory over the Boston Bruins.

In the book it is put forth as a means of teh other teams to keep the Canadiens down. When other teams, like Detroit, dominated there was no talk of changing the rule but now that the canadiens are dominating it had to be changed. The Board of Governors, the owners of the other teams, outvoted the owner of the Canadiens and thus the rule was changed.

I am not one for conspiracy theories but it really looks like the change was done just to stop the Canadiens from dominating. Until then no one cared. Then it became important. Oh well. I am used to the rule as we know it now. My problem is with icing during a penalty. If a team is being penalized why the fuck are they allowed to ice the puck without play being sent back to their end?!?!?!?!?

Go Habs Go!

P.S. I LOVE this book. It was the best Christmas present anyone could have given me. If you are interested in the Canadiens it is a MUST read. Right up there with The Game by Ken Dryden. If you are interested nin the NHL and hockey it is a great read because it shows how the NHL started and has evolved.

Friday, January 22, 2016


I tried watching Warpigs tonight. It is a WW2 movie that tries to be a Dirty Dozen rip off but just can't do it.

I actually made it through the whole movie, Thanks to some judicious fast forwarding. It is a waste of time. Luckily I had booze. :)

Thursday, January 21, 2016

What the .... love for France?!?!?!/

Damn this is late. But ................

Wow. Someone beat me to the punch using the vitriol I would use. A friend showed me a post by a Facebook "friend" of his that lambasted those who purport to love/support France but are just posers.

He wrote:

With all the ‪#‎tragedyhipsters‬ and ‪#‎hoponthebandwagon‬ people out there I have to wonder how many of the people who now espouse a love of France/Paris, a support of France, supported the whole freedom fry fucktardery?

Well said. Extremely well said. How many of those who shit on France for not supporting the inane war on Iraq that Bush 2 lied to the world to get are now trying to show love for France I KNOW that some of my Family in the USA are that hypocritical.

I lost a "Facebook Friend", someone who had been a real friend for years before I went home, over this fucktardery. She had used Facebook to change her profile picture to have the image of the French flag superimposed over it. This was her way of "showing support" for France after the Paris attacks. A couple of days later when the #tragedyhipsters were bringing up Beirut she made a post castigating people for not showing support for Beirut but gushing about Paris.

What can I say, I couldn't help myself and simply said "Didn't you just use the image of the French flag while not saying anything about Beirut?"

For some strange reason we are no longer Friends. She never blocked me so I may just have called her on her hypocrisy again but now I seem to be blocked. Yet, life, real life, goes on. Despite these first world bullshit problems and hypocrites.


Movie: Tokarev/Rage .... Avengers Grimm.

I started watching Tokarev with Nick Cage tonight. It is also known as Rage. It sucks. Real bad. So bad that I fast forwarded a bit before just shutting it off. Holy shit what a shite movie.

Then I started watching Avengers Grimm. It isn't that good a movie but the fight scenes are damn good. That can't save it but they scenes are good. Unlike Tokarev I may FF it but I will probably finish watching it.

Oh Casper van Diem how far you have fallen.

Ok. I couldn't finish this one either but it wasn't as bad as Tokarev.

Maybe I just needed more booze?

Hmmmm .... no they both still would have sucked.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Mad Max: Fury Road

Tonights movie is Mad Max: Fury Road.

It definitely has the feel of the Mad Max I know and love. A gritty, surreal, nihilistic future. It reminds me a lot of Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior. A lot of bald people instead of a maniac with a mohawk. :)

27:45 in and I can't believe that much time has passed. The movie has kept me engrossed and entertained. Not a lot of movies can say that for the amount of time that has passed.

Furiosa intrigues me. She is a bad ass.

Max as a blood bank is interesting too. I am wondering just how he will break free and if he will end Nux the Recipients life quickly or not. ;)

Oh, and THAT is a sandstorm!

Wow. Now THAT is a death wish! Almost makes me want to sing "You Light Up My Life." :)

Seriously? Some fucktard is shooting off fireworks. It is August fucking 29th not Canada Day. Ok, now I am going to have to find out who this fucking idiot is a few streets over. My dog does NOT like fireworks. This asshole disturbed my dog. But I digress.

Blood Bank 1 Nux 0. Oh just cut his fucking hand off.

Heh ... poor Max. Still not having a lot of luck with shotgun ammo.

They have it made it interesting the way he is wrestling with his ... damn ... women bathing ... demons.

Damn. I really like Furiosa.

Interesting how the concept of Valhalla has been worked into the new society.

Hmmm ... I really thought Max would have shot Nux once the chain was cut.

Heh   ... kick the chastity belt and run after the truck. I was going to say don't worry he will be back but Furiosa took care of that.

She is making the mistake of thinking Max actually cares about how Immortaln Joe will reward him. He wants Joe DEAD! He may not acknowledge it but he does.

Damn I am liking this movie.

Damn Nux is like a Terminator.

And Max is still acting, or reacting, like Max.

The more Max saws at the mask the more I think of the song "Chip Away the Stone". and he is free. So is Nux.

Bye Nux. Or is it?

Damn. I just realized. What happened to his bad knee?

God damn Furiosa is fucking amazing! What was I talking about?

And Nux got recognized.

Holy shit those guys know how to drive their cycles.

I guess this means they are working together?

And there is Nux in all of his aluminium glory.

Damn. I thought she was dead.

And now she is.

God damn. The movie is only half over. It feels like I just started watching it but it has been on forever.

Holy shit. 2 with one shot. FURIOSA! FURIOSA!

And Nux is still alive and kicking. Or at least slamming his head.

Oh Nux. Fuck her. Fuck Larry and Barry. Fuck her.

Damn. That is fucked up. Yes, you had a baby brother you fucked up fucktard.

So, Nux is coming around?

"I am the scales of justice." You are the next mother fucker to die.

Redemption. Now there is something to die for.

Furiosa has a good memory.

I guess the grass isn't greener. Damn!

Heh, back the way you came.

And Nox is still styling and profiling. :)

"What are you doing?"
"To who?"
"Anyone that is listening."

Nox and Red up in a tree. :)

God damn!

So the sniper crone carries the seeds. Interesting.

Damn. Sniper crone is a good shot.
"One man. One bullet."

Damn Nox is useful!

Nice fight scene.

Kill the guitarist. Make it hurt. Why is he still alive?

I mean. Damn. WTF?!? The guitarist died. Eventually. Didn't he?

God damn. Furiosa! What a face rip!

Damn. Nox!

Damn. That is the Max I know.

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Oh yeah. Damn. Should have remembered that.

"Max. My name is Max."

God damn I like this movie. :)

"Where must we go ...
we who wander the Wasteland
in search of our better selves?"
The First History Man

Watch this movie!!!!