Thursday, May 26, 2016

Seventh Son

Tonight I am watching Seventh Son. I have no idea why I picked it because I know nothing about it. Ok, that isn't completely true, I know the mythos around the 7th son of the 7th Son, and the Iron Maiden album about it. :) Hopefully it doesn't let me down.

It starts out ... meh ... he leaves her there. Not an auspicious beginning. And then .... ummm yeah. Not making me want to watch it much further. It better get ... better.

"This won't be an execution merely an education." heh ... who just got schooled? :) Ok. This peeks my interest a little. Just a little.

"The trick is not to spill." And long have I laboured to learn that trick. :)

Meh it is looking like the TV show Grimm, which I love, on the silver screen. So far I would rather be watching Grimm.

God damn I would love to boogie the night away with Julianne Moore. Or maybe not after she transforms. ;)

So why didn't Gregory just cover her cage in silver? Or her? Damn. Didn't think the squire would die so soon.

Still, Meh.

And now, 12 min in, we see the 7th son. Still meh so far.

Damn. Sir Gregory is such an ass I am hoping the witch wins.

Listen to your mother. Mother's know.

"Keep him safe!"
"Alas good lady, that is a vow I cannot make."
True dat!

"So what are you going to do with me apprentice?" Heh ... starting to like the movie. ;)

"When you address me address me as ..." Oh fuck off you old sot!

I am kind of enjoying the movie.

"Could be useful. Not the passing out part but the visions." heh ... good line.

Damn. Only 27 minutes have passed?

"Show me what you are!"

I am 33 minutes in and am still having a hard time giving a fuck about this movie.

"Missed." Ok better.

So, he doesn't have a lot of time to teach him. I get it now.

"That is disgusting. What does that kill?"

Ok. Alice makes it more interesting.

So it is only 42 minutes in and it is still meh.

"If it is anything less than O'Bama we are on our way." Really? Did I hear that right?


So he turns her. Meh. Not a horrible movie. Not a good one. Watch it if you want to.

What the ... interruption?!?!?!?

I hate pop ups. They are usually annoying ads. Or stupid warnings. Facebook uses them too. Today, as I was sharing a video post something from Facebook popped up.

Why the fuck do I need a pop up from Facebook about my setting? I set the fucking thing. I know what it is. I know what it is set for. Of course it hasn't been fucking changed recently because it is set to what I want. Surely to god Facebook can find something better to pester people about.

So I choose the skip option and what do I get?

Another fucking pop up just to let me know that they left the setting at what I set it for. Considering I never changed it that is neither a surprise or pop-up worthy. Thank you so much for allowing me to leave it on the setting I chose.

If you want to do something constructive actually allow people to tell you what they think/want in their own words when you ask for input.

Facebook you continue to fail to impress me. However, you do provide fodder. :)

"Snopesing" things.

I almost didn't make my post about the quote some morons wrongly attribute to Wilfred Laurier. While Snopes is a great tool I find that a lot of the people using it can come off as tools.

There is a segment of the population that seems to get off on proving people wrong. They will use Snopes on just about anything people post prove them wrong. In some cases it is deserved, in others maybe not so much.

I have had it done to me. What made it even more pathetic is that it was the ONLY thing the person had commented on (on my Facebook page) in over 5 years. That is kind of pathetic in and of itself and served to let me know it was time to prune the "friendship" tree.

Kind of like the Facebook friend who got all huffy and had to answer a meme I shared about money being the root of all evil. He started off sanely enough, trying to claim it wasn't in the bible. Then, when called on it by another friend of mine (let's call him Hatamoto), went to troll level insanity pretty quickly. He tried parsing words by saying it was not said exactly that way. Then lit into how much of a danger Hatamoto must be to others. Nonsense like that. Hatamoto handled it well and pretty much trolled the troll until he gave up. It was great to read. :)

But I digress.

It is kind of like only tearing someone apart for their grammar or spelling. I have done it in the past, odds are I will do it again in the future, but when I do it I KNOW I am doing it just to be a dick and annoy the person. I actually could have pointed out the poor spelling skills of some of those  who came out in support of Mr. East in the Laurier quote post. But I didn't because there was more than enough stupidity to address. This is what I feel a lot of those who just have to use snopes to show someone how wrong they are remind me of.

Oops digressing again.

Damn. My train of thought got derailed. Snopes good but can be used for evil. Remember what Ben Parker said "With great power comes great responsibility." :)