Monday, August 7, 2017

I don't speak idiot.

I went to Sobeys this morning. I knew they would be open even though it was a holiday and took a chance it would be 10. (Yeah I could have looked it up on the internet but sometimes you just have to live dangerously. ;) ) As I was getting ready to turn right into their parking lot a dumbass decided to make an illegal left turn into the parking lot cutting in front of me. If I had been going the speed limit and not slowing to turn I would have t-boned the moron.

She then drove up and parked in the fire lane, in front of the crosswalk, by the main doors. Then she hopped out and ran up to the door.

I parked the car and tried to hold my snark in. Ok, tried to hold my anger in. I walk up and see the door is locked. Moron is still standing there. I whip out the phone and look up the holiday hours. Lo and behold they open noon to 6. It was 10:00 AM.

The dumbass says: "Excuse me do you know what time it is."

I reply: "Sorry I don't speak Idiot."

I wish I had the phone camera on and took a pic of her face. The look was priceless as she tried to process what I said.

She snarled: "Why would you talk to me like that?"

"Because you are moron. You made an illegal left hand turn and almost cut me off. You then parked your fucking car right there, in the fire lane, in front of the fucking crosswalk. Any other questions?"

She stammered a bit and couldn't seem to make a reply.

"Oh. It is 10 AM and they don't open until noon."

I walked away while she stewed. As I got in the car and buckled up I saw her get a shopping cart and stand by the door. The fucking place doesn't open for 2 hours and this loopy cunt is lining up. While her shitmobile is stll parked illegaly.

Fucking mooks.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

What the ... mookishness?!?!?!?

I have had to be at an airport 3 days in the last week. In all 3 days I ran into a mook. Ok, I ran  into way too many mooks because people tend to forget everything and become a mook at an airport but these 3 stand out.

Three days in a row I ran into this behaviour. As I approached the first door to enter the airport someone (a woman in all 3 times) was standing in front of the door. I would make eye contact with them and wait. They would just stand there. I would open the door and wait. Nothing would happen. I would say "Excuse me." and they would blink and say "Oh, I didn't see you there,"

Seriously? You fucking stupid moron! You are BLOCKING the doorway to enter the airport! Yet you are surprised that someone wants to enter. Ok, I didn't say that. I sucked it in not to tell someone that she is a fucking mook and that will haunt me for a few days. Or minutes. Or fuck you.

As soon as I entered and passed them they went back to blocking the doorway. There is really nothing you can say to get a moron of that magnitude to change their ways.

Fucking mooks.

What the ... cause of road rage?!?!?!?

I have been doing a lot of highway driving in the last year plus. One thing I have noticed is something that could incite people to "road rage" or as I call it to become pissed off to all hell at the fucking assholes in front of you.

Too many times a day I am behind some mook doing 80 KPH or thereabouts in a 100 KPH or even a 110 KPH stretch of road. Mind you, as soon as you hit a place that you could pass these slow pokes they speed up. Often going 10+ KPH over the limit. At least until they get to an area that you can't pass them legally at. Then they slow way the hell back down.

I am not saying that someone would be right to run those cocksuckers off the road and do them bodily harm. However, I have thought of doing that many times in the last year plus.

If you want to drive so slow use the fucking back roads. Don't fuck over people who use the highways and expect to actually do the speed limit. Don't try peoples patience so much because one day you are going to do it to the person who will go over the edge and fuck you up.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

What the ... pestering?!?!?!/

I usually buy tickets for the QE 2 Home Loto. It takes place twice a year. The last few years I have been hesitant to buy tickets. Not winning anything the last 4-5 years made me wonder why bother to buy a ticket and not just donate directly.

It is impossible to not know the tickets are on sale. There are TV and Radio ads all day long. There are mail out to anyone who has bought a ticket. They even employ ... telemarketers.

This is where my ire is raised. With all the ads and mail outs the last thing I need is some telemarketer calling me to let me know tickets are on sale. It is impossible to not know they are on sale. You can't listen to the radio on the drive to work without knowing, and their song can stay in your head for a while. You can't watch TV without seeing an ad at some point. Hell they are paying to have their ads on during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. So why the fuck do I need some faceless drone to call me to let me know tickets are on sale and wonder why I haven't bought any yet?

In the week leading up to the end of sales for the Early Bird Draw I received 3 calls with no message left and one wondering if I knew and that they knew I didn't have my tickets yet. Once again, how the fuck could I not know? They seemed gobsmacked when I said I wasn't interested. They then made the mistake of pressing their case which irritated me further. I had just said I wan't interested. Knowing their charity I decided to stay polite,just affirmed I was not interested, and told them not to call me again. I hung up after that.

It reminded me of a year ago when I waited until the day before the "last chance" for the Early Bird Draw" to order my tickets. A telemarketer called the next day because it was out last chance to get tickets before the EBD. I informed them I had already bought them and was told their records didn't show that. I told him they should have updated them so they didn't piss people off and hung up.

It is a worthy charity but holy shit they must spend a good chuck of the money raised on advertising. Do they bring in so much money they don't have to worry about the costs? If so, how about you just go with the ads and stop using fucking telemarketers?!?!?!?  Put that money towards what you are supposed to be raising it for?!?!? Your ads and mail outs are enough.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

What the ... mix?!?!?

I like booze. Good booze paired with a good cigar or mix. Nice. For the last year plus I have been on a bourbon kick, trying different ones. and often trying the ones I liked.

I was talking about scotch, whiskey, and bourbon with a co-worker when he got so fucking angry. He started ranting about people who add ice or water to their booze. He thought they should be flogged or pilloried. The look of anger on his face was so strong that it was ... not scary ... revolting.

Why the fuck would you care how people like to drink their booze? I have seen people drink beer with ice in it to keep it cold. Scotch with ice for the same reason. Or with water to take a bit of the burn out. Why the fuck would you let it make you that angry?

I like my booze the way it tastes. Which usually means no mix. A few fingers at a time. Do I care how other people drink it to the point I want to cause them bodily harm? No.

What the ... Job Hater?!?!?

HR at my workplace started a new policy January 1st related to injury and accommodations. When you hand in a Dr.'s note for missed time, or to get accommodations, they want to know the diagnosis not just the treatment.

This is causing a shit storm among some employees, recently injured ones (not injured in the workplace). They feel their right to Doctor Patient confidentiality is being infringed on. It is none of works business.

It has also led to a spate of anti-work comments. You know the typical ones. I hate this place. They treat us like shit. They don't care about us. Wah wah wah! Some of them remind me of Glimmer from my last job.

What makes it funny is how many people on one hand complain about people scamming the company about an injury to get accommodations and on the other can't believe the company would want the diagnosis of what is wrong with you as well as the recovery recommendation.

It reminds me of another co-worker from the last job. Bat, because she was bat shit crazy, "hurt" herself. She tripped over a rope between 2 stanchions, caught herself, and finished her shift without complaining. She never fell to the floor. It was more of a little jerking motion like catching yourself on a patch of ice. The next day she called out of work sick. And teh next. On day 3 she went to HR with a Dr. note putting her on medical leave. She managed to get a Doctor to say she had a whiplash concussion and couldn't work. The last job had both short and long term disability unlike my current one. Bat's mom is a nurse and managed to get a Doctor to sign off on this diagnosis. Bat forgot that a few co-workers live in teh same area as her. See her running around, literally at times, every week. Yet she couldn't work because of her whiplash concussion. It never stopped her from partying. But she couldn't work. Finally, after a couple of months, HR decided to call shenanigans and have her see a doctor of their choosing for a diagnosis. Bat quit that day.

There are a lot of people at the new job on accommodations that seem very suspect. One guy can't perform several duties because of his shoulder. Yet that doesn't stop him from hunting, and that is the shoulder his rifle slams into. Nor does it stop him spending his days off speeding around on an ATV or skidoo. But he has to be accommodated.

Personally, I do think HR is wrong to ask for the diagnosis. They should have a doctor they send people to for a second opinion. A lot of these scammers would be caught if they did.

If people really hate the workplace as much as they say then they need to find another job and quit!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Suicide Squad

I am watching Suicide Squad again. It got panned by a lot of people but I just don't see what their problem is. Maybe they expect an Oscar style movie?

The action is great. The graphics are great. The characters are great. The story is good. The acting is from ok to great. What isn't to like?

Jared Leto should have had more of a role! Fuck you. He was fantastic in the movie but the focus is supposed to be the Squad and not The Joker.

WTF is up with Enchantress and the dancing? Who the fuck really cares? Does it make the movie suck? No.  While it is kind of stupid it doesn't detract that much from the movie.

Ok, I do agree, Captain Boomerang and the pink unicorn was pretty fucked up but it does have some comedic value.

Will Smith is FANTASTIC as Deadshot.

Margot Robbie is an awesome Harley Quinn....

... and ...

Joker should not have been the focus of the 1st Suicide Squad  movies. A big Fuck You to all the whiners that say that. He should be the main villain in the next one. :)  I feel like they have played all of us. Yes, he was a main focus in this one but god damn he would be a great main focus in the next one. :)

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

I am watching it as I type. Same problem I had with the 1st Jack Reacher movie, Tom Cruise isn't 6'6+ and built like a brick shit house. But he still does a good job.

I have to go back and reread the book. I am not saying the movie deviated a lot from it. I just don't remember because it has been so long.

The movie has been damn good so far.

From what I recall it deviates from the book ... but ... it is good. :)

"Never underestimate the charm of a seedy motel." Bwahahahaha

It would be more believable if he was a 6'6" brick shit house ... but ... it
is believable. :)

Yeah ... believable is the right word. Cruise really pulls it off. Damn I hate to say that but he does.

I sort of saw the ending coming but didn't. Well played!!!

Choke the mother fucker out!!!

This movie isn't even over and I want to see the next one.

Ok. I figured that would show up ... but didn't expect it when it did. Well played! :)

Holy shit! Cruise does a great Reacher. :)

It makes the books mean a whole lot more. Which means reread. And it is great on its own. :)

I don't say this a lot but ... watch this movie!!!

No he isn't relieved. He was hoping. DAMN!

Great ending!

and I am ho,lding back so many creepy scientology jokes right now!!!!

Good movie ... so many ... good movie ... damn.

Yes, he does. DAMN!

What the ... negotiation?!?!?

This is the 3rd time the Government and NSTU negotiators have come up with a contract for the membership to vote on. The membership voted no the other 2 times. If the answer is no again what should happen?

It seems as though the NSTU negotiators aren't speaking for the membership and have no idea what they want. There have been 3 contract offers NSTU approved of. and reccomended the membership accept. If the 3rd is rejected why should the government have to go back to the table?

NS is not a rich Province and we are already highly taxed. If there is no more money to invest why the hell should we have to have our taxes raised? Because that is where the new money will come from. Enough is enough. If this contract is rejected the Premier needs to take a page from Ronald Regean's book. Come the end of the school year your contract is done. Your job is done. Time to rehire. Kiss your seniority good bye. This actually could be a good thing for the younger teachers who get crowded out by those who have seniority. Don\t force a contract on them. Start over.

Of course, the Government forced a contract on them. I understand it. It will lead to legal battles that will cost too much. They should have fired them.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

What the ... interpretation?!?!?

The Nova Scotia Provincial Government and the Nova Scotia Teachers Union (NSTU) came to an  agreement on a contract  to be presented to the union membership for ratification or rejection.

The NSTU had been doing a work to rule campaign since before Christmas and halted it pending the vote on February 8th. Under work to rule the teachers refuse to do any work that they are not specifically contracted to do. his means after school activities, trips, helping students who are having trouble. Basically, they work 8-3 and only teach, mark, and do paperwork in that time. Anything else is not allowed. This meant they would not do reference letters for students applying to University. Sports tournaments had to be cancelled because the teachers would not volunteer to be there for them. In a move of great hypocrisy some Union Members DID go on a trip to Hawaii for "development" training. Their reasoning was that the trip was already paid for. WHich was cold comfort for parents and students who had trips that were already paid for cancelled because the teachers wouldn't go. But I digress. The work to rule campaign was put on hold.

Then, out of the blue, the NSTU announced the work to rule campaign would be back on this coming Monday. Why? According to Union President Liette Doucette, they didn't know if they still had a contract because the Premier in a comment about the contract reneged on the agreement. According to Doucette the Premier reinterpreted the meaning of part of the contract that gave 2 more days off to teachers.

The Premier told reporters on January 26th that the 2 days are for marking and preparation time. They aren't just days that a teacher can take anywhere at anytime. Which means they aren't free vacation days.

Here is what the contract says (this is from a copy of the agreement that someone made available to the media even though it is supposed to be confidential)

Article 31.10 (i) (a) Effective August 1, 2017, permanent, probationary, and teachers with a term contract of a minimum 175 days will be provided 2 days of leave with pay per school year for self-directed preparation/development of the teacher.  

That pretty much sounds like what the Premier said to me.  It further states:

iv) Leave under (i): 
(a) shall be requested in advance; 
(b) can be taken in half day or full day increments; 
(c) is subject to the availability of a substitute teacher; 
(d) is subject to the requirement to appropriately staff the school; 
(e) cannot be contiguous with other time off (e.g., holidays, March Break, long weekends, other approved time off). The foregoing may be waived in special circumstances; and 
(f) shall not be unreasonably denied. 
So, where is the Premier reneging on the agreement? Exactly how did he misinterpret it?

If  someone told the union membership the clause meant a free day a la vacation time they lied. Doucette is the President of NSTU. Did she, or someone from the bargaining unit, lie to the membership?

Now some teachers are complaining that they didn't want extra days off. Well this isn't exactly extra days off, it is 2 days they can use for preparation and marking, something they have complained they need. Plus, the NSTU bargaining unit was part of putting it into the contract, It isn't like the government legislated it in.

As things stand now NSTU is going back to work to rule because the Premier stated what the tentative contract says about the 2 days off. They claim he reneged on the deal, Something smells wrong about the way NSTU is acting. Methinks the NSTU President felt that the membership would reject this contract and is just trying to save face.