Tuesday, June 6, 2017

What the ... mookishness?!?!?!?

I have had to be at an airport 3 days in the last week. In all 3 days I ran into a mook. Ok, I ran  into way too many mooks because people tend to forget everything and become a mook at an airport but these 3 stand out.

Three days in a row I ran into this behaviour. As I approached the first door to enter the airport someone (a woman in all 3 times) was standing in front of the door. I would make eye contact with them and wait. They would just stand there. I would open the door and wait. Nothing would happen. I would say "Excuse me." and they would blink and say "Oh, I didn't see you there,"

Seriously? You fucking stupid moron! You are BLOCKING the doorway to enter the airport! Yet you are surprised that someone wants to enter. Ok, I didn't say that. I sucked it in not to tell someone that she is a fucking mook and that will haunt me for a few days. Or minutes. Or fuck you.

As soon as I entered and passed them they went back to blocking the doorway. There is really nothing you can say to get a moron of that magnitude to change their ways.

Fucking mooks.

What the ... cause of road rage?!?!?!?

I have been doing a lot of highway driving in the last year plus. One thing I have noticed is something that could incite people to "road rage" or as I call it to become pissed off to all hell at the fucking assholes in front of you.

Too many times a day I am behind some mook doing 80 KPH or thereabouts in a 100 KPH or even a 110 KPH stretch of road. Mind you, as soon as you hit a place that you could pass these slow pokes they speed up. Often going 10+ KPH over the limit. At least until they get to an area that you can't pass them legally at. Then they slow way the hell back down.

I am not saying that someone would be right to run those cocksuckers off the road and do them bodily harm. However, I have thought of doing that many times in the last year plus.

If you want to drive so slow use the fucking back roads. Don't fuck over people who use the highways and expect to actually do the speed limit. Don't try peoples patience so much because one day you are going to do it to the person who will go over the edge and fuck you up.